Tony Mork, Newport Beach Doctor, accused of camouflaging surgery centers

Tony Mork, Newport Beach Doctor, accused of camouflaging surgery centers – REMOVED PER DR. Anthony Mork’s Attorney Request 

Dr-Tony-Mork-195x300Amended and removed article per receipt of demand from Anthony Morks attorney.

This article was originally submitted by readers regarding repeated reports investigated by various internet sources and IJR staff about Dr. Tony Mork (Anthony Mork), we welcomed any comments that either supported or disputed these already heavily reported accusations.  IJR News did receive other accusations from different claimed patients.  IJR News does not endorse or dispute the articles that are posted by independent authors but are posted for informational awareness if they meet world Journalism standards

This article was submitted by one of our readers regarding a surgeon that has had several malpractice accusation claims against him through numerous internet websites.

 IJR News was asked by Dr. Morks attorney to remove the content of this article and in a effort to avoid unnecessary attorney fees we are complying. Anthony Mork’s Attorney information

Gina Giacusa, Esq.
Lalchandani Simon PL - Associate
25 SE 2nd Ave., Suite 1020
Miami, FL 33131
Telephone: (786) 505-5290

This is being done contrary to our belief that we are being asked to give up our amendment rights and we are even more disturbed because we simply re-reported other articles already published and simply presented what was provided to us and offered to us by readers. 

original references included but weren’t limited to


Unless ordered by a magistrate, IJR News will not submit original article regarding Dr. Tony Mork


  1. It is amazing how these doctors get away with this stuff, thank God for the Internet, this gut should be stripped of his medical license. There is way too much info out there for some of this not to be true. Great job IJR NEWS!!!!!

    1. Charles,
      You are very welcome. It is surprising to see that doctors still continue to practice regardless of the inability to perform these surgeries successful. Not to mention the damage caused to the lives of victims that will live forever with these physical and emotional scars.

      1. Dr. Mork has treated my 88 yr. old mother and 71 yr. old husband very successfully! We were referred to him by another doctor who also received great care. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! When there are thousands of patients there will be some who do not get the desired results.

      2. Dr. Mork operated on my husband. when 6 other doctors couldn’t even make a correct dianosis, Mork did, operated, and my husband is pain free.

    2. I really don’t know what happened, but my experience was certainly a Blessing. I couldn’t walk very good due to the pain. Dr Mork worked with his staff and after examining all things concerning my complaint, performed the microspine surgery. Within an hour after surgery I was able to walk with ease,. Within two days after the procedure I drove from De Funiak Springs, Florida to Brownsville, Texas only stoping for gas and food. This was 7 years ago, and the surgery to this date was for a very high success!!! I’m certainly shocked that others had a probllelm. Thank you for allowing me to express my experience with Dr. Mork. William E. Stoner

    1. Wendy,
      I am sorry to here that your friend was a victim of this spinal surgeon. If you can help educate the rest of readers of things to ask or look out for, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I cannot believe you guys have the &*^% to print this, I LOVE YOU, there should be journalism award for guts and freedom of speech in IJR name. get a donation button on here people

  3. This man is a total quack. He has medical malpractice against him in Florida for near killing a women. He is a dangerous man doing dangerous things for money!! He’s insane, little hand mork we call him..

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