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  1. In the spring of 2009, Dr. Anthony Mork, Dr. Scott Haufe, Dr. Chris Kunis and the Microspine people treated me for spinal arthritis. I had experienced painful and persistent lower back pain for over one year.
    Two local orthopedic surgeons performed examinations and considered my x-rays, MRIs and EEG findings, but could not identify the source of my pain or offer an effective relief. Also, I tried 3 months of physical therapy, 3 months of chiropractic treatment and a 2 months of DRX9000 traction. These treatments and the passage of time did absolutely nothing for me. A coworker recommended that I consider some of the clinics down in Florida. After researching the web, I found the Microspine site. The pain mapping approach that they used to determine pain generators seemed to make sense.
    At the Microspine clinic, I went through a physical exam given by Dr. Kunis that lasted 5 to 10 times longer than any of the examinations given by my previous doctors or chiropractor. The next morning, Dr Haufe administered injections and observed my responses. Eventually, there was a moment when my lower back pain suddenly and almost totally went away following an injection of an anesthetic placed around my facet joints. Dr Haufe recommended a facet debridement in 4 locations. Dr Mork performed the procedure without incident. The day after surgery, I went home having no more pain than I had before the procedure. After 2 months, I observed no obvious improvement and was beginning to worry that my back would hurt indefinitely. However, over the 3rd month, the lower back pain lessened until it was almost totally gone. It has been 3 years and I currently have none of the pain that I was experiencing before in my lower back. Dr Mork had written in his website that the debridement/ablation procedure that he performs seems to last.
    Of the people that I have met who have had back surgeries performed by other doctors, a good percentage of them were dissapointed or were even worse off in their opinion. I believe that any back surgery is a gamble, but I am very satisfied with my outcome.

    1. Could you please let us know the date and surgery center this was performed at to verify the surgery? We will leave your comment in the interim

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