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Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy CHAMPIONS

AlternativeS TO COMBAT Rising OpioiD EPIDEMIC

Leading Orange County Physical Therapy Clinic Promotes Holistic Approach to Pain Management


(Headline News Guru Original Story by Jules Hermes – Permission to repost within journalism ethics and standards) COSTA MESA, CA — June 2, 2016 – With the alleged prescription drug-related death of Prince, the U.S. is once again forced to examine the staggering statistics that indicate a country in crisis. No longer confined to one particular stereotype, prescription and illicit drug abuse has infiltrated every socioeconomic class, affecting every race and age group, from young adults to senior citizens. To help spread the message that conservative, non drug approaches can effectively manage pain, Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy – a leading Orange County, Calif. physical therapy practice specializing in sports medicine, orthopedics, geriatrics and neurology – has joined others in the federal, state, local and private sectors to address the prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic. Advocating for a multidisciplinary clinical approach—including physical therapists serving on the care team alongside physicians and other healthcare providers—Ann Steinfeld, the clinic’s founder and CEO, is among a consortium of therapists committed to holistically improving the quality of life for patients with acute and chronic pain.

“There is no doubt that physical therapy as a first-line treatment for chronic pain can be as effective as—and safer than—prescription drug therapy,” say Steinfeld who founded her practice in Costa Mesa in 2001. “In response to the alarming rate of opioid abuse, the recently released Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for prescribing opioids delivers a clear message that echoes what we physical therapists have known for decades: there are better, safer ways to treat chronic pain than the use of opioids.”

The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, exceeding diabetes, heart disease and cancer conditions combined. According to the CDC, physicians wrote 259 million opioid prescriptions in 2012, which translates to one bottle of pills per American adult. An individualized physical therapy plan, however, aims to reduce a patient’s pain and associated disability, improve function, and promote health and well being without the use of drugs. Through a comprehensive evaluation, physical therapists can address chronic pain with a combination of movement exercises, manual therapy, and education about pain science, body alignment and movement, all of which contribute to understanding the underlying cause of pain.

Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy has made great strides in the advancement of techniques that go beyond rehabilitating athletes and assisting those who have undergone surgery or sustained injuries from an accident. With the capacity to incorporate hands-on manual therapy methods with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as massage therapy, patients of all ages and walks of life not only experience remarkable results but also develop strategies to manage their own long-term health goals. Through individualized comprehensive plans executed by some of Orange County’s top therapists who provide the highest caliber of care and focused attention to patient concerns, Ann Steinfeld expedites the healing process with cost-effective and drug-free alternatives to alleviate pain, and imparts long-lasting preventive solutions to ensure optimal health for the present and well into the future.

Addiction to opioids is not a new phenomenon, but it has escalated to new proportions. The number of Americans dying each year from drug overdoses has surpassed that of motor vehicle crashes. More than half of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain continue to take the painkillers five years later, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. In fact, a staggering four in five new heroin users started out misusing prescription painkillers, according to a National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief. A key initiative of the APTA and 40 provider groups over the next two years is a collective messaging campaign to reach more than 4 million healthcare providers regarding opioid abuse and appropriate prescribing practices.


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Ann SteinfeldAnn Steinfeld Physical Therapy is a privately owned outpatient practice in Orange County, Calif. specializing in the evaluation and treatment of physical injuries and disabilities resulting from a wide range of conditions related to sports and athletics, surgical procedures, occupation, repetitive motion and accidents, as well as those specific to age and gender. Ann Steinfeld’s highly skilled and trained, licensed physical therapists utilize a broad spectrum of the most advanced physical intervention and rehabilitation techniques to alleviate pain, restore mobility, improve balance and coordination, and increase muscular strength and endurance. Referred to by leading physicians throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, Ann Steinfeld provides a comprehensive team approach to ensure successful patient outcomes, while maintaining the highest quality of exceptional one-to-one care in an energetic, positive and ethical environment. For more information visit:

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Founded in 1956, the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association champions the success of physical therapist-owned businesses. Our members are leaders and innovators in the health care system. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) represents more than 85,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students of physical therapy nationwide. For more information, please visit


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Comprehensive tax information for Uber drivers and Lyft drivers goes beyond TurboTax tips

(2/1/2016 Headline News.Guru) I Drive with Uber (IDWU), the evolving authority for Uber and Lyft drivers, released free comprehensive tax information specifically geared towards ridesharing drivers.

I Drive With Uber is regarded as a leading authority and information provider for Uber drivers. The website’s mission is to do just that – provide information for Uber and Lyft drivers/passengers that goes beyond the actual Uber website.

Time For Taxes Message Shows Taxation Due
Time For Taxes Message Showing Taxation Due

If you are one of the many new drivers for Uber or Lyft (or one of other ride sharing companies), filing your 2015 taxes is most likely uncharted territory for you. “I Drive With Uber” realized this and collaborated with a tax specialist to lay down the ‘rules and regulations’, and created a tax preparation guide for drivers. I Drive With Uber is providing this free extensive info packet on their website.

Uber identifies its drivers as independent contractors and not as employees. This subject, whether Uber drivers should be classified as employees or independent contractors, is currently being litigated in numerous states in the US. However, until a decision has been reached, Uber drivers will have to file taxes as self-employed individuals (1099 contractors).

This is one of the key points the tax guide on the IDWU website focuses on: the difference between being a 1099 independent contractor versus a traditional employee (which many new drivers mistakenly think they are). Furthermore, the guide elaborates on the tax benefits and deductions that are available for ride share drivers. Many drivers will be surprised about the numerous tax deductions they are actually entitled to.

The IDWU guide provides relevant information for any Uber or Lyft driver in the process of preparing for the current 2016 tax season. Other than the above-mentioned topics, other covered subjects include: self-employment tax, estimated tax payments, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, and many more. If you’re thinking of becoming an Uber driver or already are driving for Uber or Lyft, IDWU is a valuable information platform for you.

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Newport Beach Doctor teaches about latest advancements in implants

Orange County is home to the Housewives and of course is home to some of the top doctors in the world for two reasons, the climate, and the number of people that do whatever it takes to look their best.

Dr. Michaelis is one of the most sought after dental implant dentist in Newport Beach and is an educator and patient advocate in the field of oral surgeons.

Dr Thomas Michaelis offered IJR NEWS the below article

With the latest advancements in dental implant technology it is now possible to have your Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon remove a non-restorable tooth, place a dental implant and then have a temporary crown attached to the implant all in the same day! Gone are the days where you had to wait 6-12 months before the dental implant was ready to use. The newer implant designs now allow for immediate loading. It still takes some time for the implant to integrate with your jaw bone before the permanent crowns can be made, but the overall treatment time has been significantly reduced!

The highest, most predictable success rates regarding immediate loading of dental implants involves a ‘team’ approach. The ‘team’ consists of you, your restorative dentist, and an experienced surgeon.  I like to call this the ‘Medical Model’ of implant dentistry. In medicine, the general practitioners will always refer out to a specialist any problem that they are not trained to manage or where they feel it would be in their patients’ best interest to be referred to a specialist. This isn’t as common in dentistry. General dentists often want to keep their production up so instead of referring complicated

situations out to those better trained to manage them, the general dentists attempt, often with poor results, to manage these patients themselves. If a medical patient needed their gallbladder out, that patient is always referred to a surgeon. If a dental patient needs a dental implant, many of those patients are NOT referred to a surgeon. Why not? They’re both surgeries!  I’m not quite sure what the reason is. If your dentist offers to do your implant surgery just know that you have options. Ask them who they would want to place an implant in their mouth….and go there. I’m partly kidding but the point I want to make is that it is critical to long-term success to be an informed consumer. The bottom line is, just be careful regarding who you choose to perform your surgery, whether it’s your gallbladder or a dental implant.

Newport Beach doctor warns the public about substandard dental implants

Newport Beach Doctor puts integrity before money – Dental Implant cautions in Orange County

 Newport Beach doctor warns the public about substandard dental implants

It seems with the Internet, the public is more armed than ever to look for discounts in every area they can. Many major stores and services have opted to use internet coupons as a source for marketing.  One Newport Beach Doctor thinks consumers should use caution with internet coupons when it comes to medical practice (click here for YouTube video).

In fact, this Newport Beach doctor has made it a point to educate the public about the harms of choosing to have a discount medical procedure, specifically a dental implant. Dr Tom Michaelis is a board certified surgeon that has earned a reputation of the highest integrity.  However, sometimes playing the spoiler, doesn’t always sit well with those trying to make fortunes for providing services they are not qualified  to do.

Dr. Tom Michaelis is making it a priority to educate the public when it comes to dental implants and has made it a very important part of his practice to be a patient advocate. In fact, for Michaelis and his business partner are often called to testify as expert witnesses in cases involving malpractice. In many of these cases, performance is ultimately compromised because of lack of training, education, experience, and sometimes a combination of all three.
It seems everywhere people look these days, there is a discount to be had with dental implants. Part of the reason is because of how implants have change the lives of so many people. Especially to those that might still have dentures, have had their teeth hurt in car accidents or injuries, and numerous other tooth fairy stories. Unfortunately where there is opportunity, there is inherited abuse and many doctors will unfortunately cut corners in procedures they’re not qualified to perform to make extra money.

IJR News was able to interview the Newport Beach Doctor, Dr. Tom Michaelis to ask him to explain the importance of quality dental implants and the necessary doctor experience to look for.  Michaelis told us , “An implant that will hopefully be attached to you for the rest of your life has to be one of quality, it should be made of the highest grade titanium so it can properly attach to the bone. There are many companies that wish to make a quick buck and choose to use titanium parts or produce titanium parts that are nowhere near the quality of a good titanium implant needed for an optimal dental procedure. The problem is that many of these companies are fly-by-night operations and aren’t held responsible if an implant fails.”

“In addition, many of the dentists that are heavily marketing dental implants, lack the experience, education, and training to carry out such procedures but have exceptional marketing skills.  Unfortunately, when it comes to a procedure such as dental implants, patients might want to put some research in the doctor performing these surgeries and also investigate the exact implant going into their mouth.”

IJR news is investigating some of these doctors and encourage feedback from patients that have had a good or bad experience with dental implants. Doctor Tom Michaelis can be reached at

Dr. Roxana Greenman Ph. D.

Advisory panel IJR NEWS

How to prevent your credit form hackers

Global Payments credit card hack: What do I do?

By Julianne Pepitone @CNNMoneyTech

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A credit card hack attack on Global Payments is hitting the headlines. Here are answers to some of the key questions it raises.

What happened in the Global Payments breach?

Global Payments, a company that processes card transactions, discovered an unauthorized intrusion into its servers in early March. The company says it “promptly” notified others in the industry. It didn’tpublicly announce the breach until Friday.

The breach affects all major credit and debit card brands, because Global Payments is one link in the long chain involved in card transactions.

When a customer swipes a credit card, the data is sent to a payment processor like Global Payments, which coordinates the steps involved in authorizing the charge and submitting the transaction details to card networks like Visa (V, Fortune 500) and MasterCard (MA, Fortune 500). It’s a quick but complicated process, with lots of players in the mix.

What kind of information was stolen? What can the hackers do with it?

Global Payments (GPN) released a statement late Sunday saying thataround 1.5 million card numbers may have been compromised. That’s a big breach, but the odds are good that your card wasn’t among them. There are more than 1 billion credit and debit cards currently in circulation in the U.S., according to the Nilson Report, an industry trade publication.

Card numbers were stolen, but that’s all the thieves got. Cardholder names, addresses and Social Security numbers were not affected, according to Global Payments.

That’s good news. Stolen numbers can be used create to fraudulent cards, but they’re not enough for full-fledged identity theft.

Global Payments is still investigating how the breach happened. The U.S. Secret Service has launched its own inquiry.

What does this mean for me? Should I be worried?

While the threat of a compromised card is upsetting, customers should sit tight. If your card issuer thinks your account may have been compromised, they’ll contact you. Some may need to reissue credit cards or take other steps to contain the damage.

No matter what, you’re not liable for unauthorized charges made on your account.

As Visa (V, Fortune 500) put it in a response to the Global Payments debacle: “It’s important for U.S. Visa consumer cardholders to know they are protected against fraudulent purchases with Visa’s zero liability fraud protection policy, which exceeds federal safeguards. As always, Visa encourages cardholders to regularly monitor their accounts and to notify their issuing financial institution promptly of any unusual activity.” To top of page

BMW is being sued for accusations of inaccurate odometer readings

In Orange County, California, a long time BMW loyal owner is suing BMW for what the owner claims is a lease that turned into a cash cow for BMW.  The BMW enthusiast said this particular 528i just went sour, and eventually blossomed to lemon that carried a heavy price tag with its “magic miles” it accumulated by lease end.

With an alleged out of control odometer, and irrational driving habits brought to the attention to the plaintiff by her longtime accountant, things just didn’t add up.

(IJR News exclusive March, 20,2012) According to an IJR News interview with R.M. Greenman, the plaintiff in this case, she lives one mile from her daughter’s school and works out of her Newport Beach home. She hasn’t been on a major road trip since the economy went bad and hardly ever drives because of the proximity to her daughters school and that she works from home.  Over the course of 2 1/2 years, her BMW 528i cars odometer claims she accumulated over 70,000 miles.

The car, which was repeatedly  brought into the BMW dealerships countless times, was never really address in any capacity according to the plaintiff. In Fact, R.M states that at around 25,000 miles the cars odometer was getting 54 MPG (captured by her cell phone on many occasions), in which BMW confirmed, documented, and fixed “the malfunction.”

Although this owner has owned several BMWs in the past and has never made such claims, she feels she was dealt the ultimate lemon and only agreed to talk to IJR News in order to bring this to the attention of other lease owners that might have been victim to the same type of situation.

The Plaintiff told IJR this, “I asked the dealership to simply give me a new lease with a different car at around the 20,000 – 25,000 mile range (I even called corporate), I made every payment on-time for the entire period of the lease, but I feared driving the car every day.  The worst part is that I could never enjoy the car in almost any capacity and at the end of the lease, I was asked to pay an enormous amount because of the bodacious miles.  I must be in the wrong business, if I could lease cars and get an extra 50k miles added on at the end, it would be a no-brainer .”

Even after over five times of bringing the vehicle into BMW service, BMW and its technicians claimed they couldn’t find the problem. Although documented service records indicate that BMW claims to have fixed a miles per hour signal on the vehicle when it was reading close to 60 miles per gallon in its calculations, the final explanation was  “that it would not affect anything else?” The plaintiff, having a PhD from Stanford in engineering repeatedly claimed to have challenged the technicians and service managers on this improbable explanation, and simply asked “how could it not affect anything else?”

When finally turning the car in at 70,000+ miles the owner claimed to have the original tires, with the exception of one tire being replaced due to a roadside hazard, BMW has argued they are all different tires, yet carfax can’t find such tire purchases other than the one tire the Plaintiff claimed was replaced. Everything else on the car was in its original condition including brake pads, belts hoses, and provided date stamped pictures of an engine that looked factory fresh when vehicle was turned in. The plaintiff in this case feels that she is not alone. In fact, she feels that there are probably several people out there in which this has happened to and it’s possible that with an odometer malfunction on this model, BMW can benefit financially in a fairly very sophisticated fashion.

BMW has denied this claim and in fact after the vehicle was turned in, BMW hired an expert witness to drive around the car and test the alleged accusations. This of course only creates an even more indistinct view, as a chain of custody has been breached from the previous owner. In Journalism, we compare these types of tests as to having a drug dealer test the narcotics he got arrested for without the cops overseeing the operation. When a customer turns in a vehicle for any kind of service or especially at the termination of a lease they obviously also lose control of whatever happens to that vehicle.

IJR news asks any BMW owner that has experienced a similar situation to contact us immediately and we will forward your information to the plaintiff and her lawyer in order to entertain the possibility of a class action or simply add witness if this case goes to trial . In this case THE BICKEL LAW FIRM, INC. a California attorney firm that specializes in lemon law lawsuits,  has taken this case and is preparing for trial if the case can’t be settled in the next few weeks.

IJR News is a consumer advocate company and simply brings various articles, whether submitted to us for evaluation or investigated  by our staff, to the forefront of World-class news.  We encourage all readers to confirm facts on anything you read on the internet and or print.


V.P. IJR NEWS – Senior Journalist –

Top 7 reasons employees throw in the towel

Tips for keeping your best employees and top performers from turning in their letter of resignation.

Most people who quit their jobs give one of these seven reasons. Sadly, most of them are easily avoidable, which would mean a lot of employers would save time and money by hanging on to their best talent.

In my many years as a recruiter, I’ve probably asked candidates the question “why did you leave that job?” fifty thousand times, and gotten a wide range of answers.

Sometimes it was a layoff and sometimes they were fired, but often they quit by choice.

In my experience, most people’s reasons for turning in their resignation letter fits into one or more of these seven categories.

1. Problems with the Boss

Trying to escape egotistical or stubborn management is a theme in many people’s career stories.

Strong performers are discouraged when a good idea is turned down without fair hearing, a new business tactic has been dictated without explanation, or the boss is condescending or a micromanaging.

The best bosses know innately how to communicate strength without being overbearing. The other 99% of us need to learn the skills of management so we encourage and support our best employees.

2. Bureaucracy and Unnecessary Rules

Most workers, especially young people, avoid unnecessarily formal or bureaucratic environments, but many old-fashioned companies continue with structures like inflexible hours or too much paper pushing.

For instance, one very talented software developer quit because her boss was insistent that she be at her desk at 8:30 a.m., and reprimanded her when she was five minutes late, even though she worked late every night, and could have done her work from home.

High performers can be sensitive to red tape that keeps them from doing that job. I worked with a sales rep who sold $25 million of company products every year, and who went to work for a competitor in large part because his manager continually nagged him about filling out his forms wrong.

Putting the rules before the person cost his company a lot in lost business and training costs, when it could have been avoided if his manager had an admin help with his reports.

3. Underemployed / See No Future

We all want, and deserve, to be challenged and to use our special skills and talents.

If you need to take a job that only uses a portion of what you can do,  make sure to find an outlet for those other skills in some other way, or you might grow bored.

As an employer, it can be a benefit to have someone highly qualified on your team, but look for ways to mix up their projects and get them involved in something that’s more of a stretch whenever you can so they are more engaged and connected.

4. Feeling Underpaid

Salaries usually trigger issues of self-worth, and carry a sense of secrecy, so it’s no wonder that discontent from feeling underpaid is so common yet not usually openly talked about.

If you love your job and only want to quit for more money, do yourself a favor and make sure you let your manager know. Check the going rates for jobs like yours on  and if you believe you are underpaid, talk to your manager about it to understand if it’s just you, or the company as a whole.

If you’re a manager, don’t take advantage of weak negotiators. Give people fair salaries, and be willing to talk about what they’d need to do to get more. Honesty and fairness get more productivity from people because they feel a sense of control and respect.

5. Too Much Work / Unrealistic Performance Expectations

Layoffs often leave more work for the people left behind, and sometimes managers have unreasonable expectations of how quickly, or how well, a project can be done.

If you’re a manager, set realistic expectations, and ask for the input and agreement of the employee, so you are setting your employee up for success, not for failure.

6. Not Feeling Recognized  

Many bosses think that being hypercritical or withholding acknowledgment will make people want to perform, but instead, it makes them want to update their resume and take that call from the recruiter.

To show your people you value them, find something they are proud of, and genuinely acknowledge them for it privately and in front of other people. Make a habit of recognizing each person for one contribution every week so they know you value their contribution, and they’ll be loyal.

7. Negative Company Culture or Poor Ethics

Companies that tolerate or encourage gossip, lying, unethical behavior and unfair competition within the team or with customers are toxic to most high performers, particularly young workers who hold high standards of teamwork and fairness.

The tone of a company is set from the top, and it’s important as a manager to make sure that you are part of the solution and not part of the problem. If the negative or unethical culture comes from above you, it might be time to work on your own resume.

Tony Mork, Newport Beach Doctor, accused of camouflaging surgery centers

Tony Mork, Newport Beach Doctor, accused of camouflaging surgery centers – REMOVED PER DR. Anthony Mork’s Attorney Request 

Dr-Tony-Mork-195x300Amended and removed article per receipt of demand from Anthony Morks attorney.

This article was originally submitted by readers regarding repeated reports investigated by various internet sources and IJR staff about Dr. Tony Mork (Anthony Mork), we welcomed any comments that either supported or disputed these already heavily reported accusations.  IJR News did receive other accusations from different claimed patients.  IJR News does not endorse or dispute the articles that are posted by independent authors but are posted for informational awareness if they meet world Journalism standards

This article was submitted by one of our readers regarding a surgeon that has had several malpractice accusation claims against him through numerous internet websites.

 IJR News was asked by Dr. Morks attorney to remove the content of this article and in a effort to avoid unnecessary attorney fees we are complying. Anthony Mork’s Attorney information

Gina Giacusa, Esq.
Lalchandani Simon PL - Associate
25 SE 2nd Ave., Suite 1020
Miami, FL 33131
Telephone: (786) 505-5290

This is being done contrary to our belief that we are being asked to give up our amendment rights and we are even more disturbed because we simply re-reported other articles already published and simply presented what was provided to us and offered to us by readers. 

original references included but weren’t limited to


Unless ordered by a magistrate, IJR News will not submit original article regarding Dr. Tony Mork

Newport Beach Doctor accused of camouflaging surgery centers

Newport Beach Surgeons – Surgical Centers in Newport Beach –

Dr. Anthony Mork – Spinal Surgical Centers – Newport Spinal Surgery –

MicroSpine Surgical Center

This article has been submitted by readers regarding repeated reports investigated by IJR staff about Dr. Tony Mork (Anthony Mork), we welcome any comments that either support or dispute this already heavily reported accusations.  IJR News does not endorse or dispute the articles that are posted by independent authors but are posted for informational awareness, and if the meet world Journalism standards

This article was submitted by one of our readers regarding a surgeon that has had several malpractice accusation claims against him through very transferable means and fronts. Besides the abundance of apparent provable claims this Newport Beach spinal surgean continues to perform procedures. The point of this article is to investigate deeper into the several reports of medical malpractice from procedures under the care of endoscopy endoscopic spinal surgeon Dr. Anthony Mork (a.k.a. as Dr. Tony Mork).

Mork, originally from DeFuniak Springs, Florida to his most recent location Newport Beach, Ca. Information received by IJRNews has confirmed his practice Microspine Surgical Center continues to perform these procedures out of Newport Beach California uner Anthony Mork. This is an outrage to think the Board of Orthopedic Surgery continues to grant Dr. Mork the certification to perform surgery with several victims testifying to his negligence.  IJRNews has received official reports filed by more than 5 complaints against Dr. Anthony Mork and his practice for charges ranging from malpractice, fraud, misdiagnosis, to performing unnecessary procedures solely for profit. If that was not enough this doctor has been using aliases for his practice and himself.  Regardless of numerous complaints tot he performing these r It has been brought to our attention that a spinal surgeon licensed in Florida has been performing procedures that have left many with poor to unsatisfactory life threating  results. A numerous of complaints have been filed against this doctor but are unsuccesful per the doctor moving locations.

We welcome the readers of to comment on their thoughts regarding the


Numerous articles and accusation against Dr. Anthony Mork of Newport Beach can be found all over the internet. Before having any ind of consultation or work by this surgeon please read the following sites:

– Leah writes – “I had lumbar surgery by Dr. Anthony Mork in 2003, a laser-assisted discectomy. Even though the surgery made my back and leg pain better, shortly thereafter I developed a severe post-operative infection which required 6 weeks of IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics, sleeping in a recliner for a year because I couldn’t lay down from all the pain, a back brace which I wore for 24 hours a day, and a four-wheeled walker. I cannot express how much pain I was in. I contacted Dr. Mork about the infection and was told that it never happened before with any of his patients. I don’t believe him. Any doctor that has done 5,000 surgeries in 5 years, which Dr. Mork claims, is bound to have several patients who develop post-operative infections. Even though I respected Dr. Mork at the beginning of this process, I have lost all respect for him and would never recommend him to anybody. By the way, my L5-S1 disc dissolved due to the infection, and those two vertebrae fused on their own. I am doing a lot better now, can lay flat to sleep, no more walker or cane, and am stronger. But I will never forget the hell that I went through because of Dr. Mork.”

Leah’s comments and numerous others can be found @

– mgt55ddrt wrote – “my name is dan and dr mork nicked my spinal cord in my neck and put me in a wheel chair.

over a five year period I still where a brace for drop foot. my right arm and hand are curled up.

I have no balance and stumble everywhere.he created a stroke on my right side.its kind of like he said sorry about that and sent me home.never heard from him again.”

find his post and others @

-Steven Barone writes –  “I have personally experienced and which I believe, in my opinion, have contributed to and resulted in permanent injury that I sustained while being treated at the MicroSpine Surgery Center while under the care of Dr. Anthony Mork and Dr. Scott Haufe of MicroSpine”

Steven’s statements can be found @

– georgia_paraleg claims – “I am a victim of Microspine and Dr. Mork. I went in with minor problems. Due to his leaving bone fragments in, I suffered an 8 mm (about 1/2 inch) tear to the dura or thecal sac, and severely leaked spinal fluids. The failures of this clinic left me with partial paralysis and largly contributed to my divorce. I am, and may always be, a chronic pain patient. In addition to the great work of microspine, they have had the audacity to send me to collections for not paying for the two additional surgeries it took to correct his mistake (I paid for the first surgery in cash up front). If I could do it all again, I would run as fast as I could away from Microspine or Dr. Mork. btw…they keep you sedated but awake during the surgery so you can feel the drilling in your back, and Mork isn’t even nice about it. If you say ouch, you will get “don’t say ouch, tell me where it hurts! is it the same pain or is it different?” The guy is nuts.”

georgia_parelg comment can be found @