Newport Beach doctor warns the public about substandard dental implants

Newport Beach Doctor puts integrity before money – Dental Implant cautions in Orange County

 Newport Beach doctor warns the public about substandard dental implants

It seems with the Internet, the public is more armed than ever to look for discounts in every area they can. Many major stores and services have opted to use internet coupons as a source for marketing.  One Newport Beach Doctor thinks consumers should use caution with internet coupons when it comes to medical practice (click here for YouTube video).

In fact, this Newport Beach doctor has made it a point to educate the public about the harms of choosing to have a discount medical procedure, specifically a dental implant. Dr Tom Michaelis is a board certified surgeon that has earned a reputation of the highest integrity.  However, sometimes playing the spoiler, doesn’t always sit well with those trying to make fortunes for providing services they are not qualified  to do.

Dr. Tom Michaelis is making it a priority to educate the public when it comes to dental implants and has made it a very important part of his practice to be a patient advocate. In fact, for Michaelis and his business partner are often called to testify as expert witnesses in cases involving malpractice. In many of these cases, performance is ultimately compromised because of lack of training, education, experience, and sometimes a combination of all three.
It seems everywhere people look these days, there is a discount to be had with dental implants. Part of the reason is because of how implants have change the lives of so many people. Especially to those that might still have dentures, have had their teeth hurt in car accidents or injuries, and numerous other tooth fairy stories. Unfortunately where there is opportunity, there is inherited abuse and many doctors will unfortunately cut corners in procedures they’re not qualified to perform to make extra money.

IJR News was able to interview the Newport Beach Doctor, Dr. Tom Michaelis to ask him to explain the importance of quality dental implants and the necessary doctor experience to look for.  Michaelis told us , “An implant that will hopefully be attached to you for the rest of your life has to be one of quality, it should be made of the highest grade titanium so it can properly attach to the bone. There are many companies that wish to make a quick buck and choose to use titanium parts or produce titanium parts that are nowhere near the quality of a good titanium implant needed for an optimal dental procedure. The problem is that many of these companies are fly-by-night operations and aren’t held responsible if an implant fails.”

“In addition, many of the dentists that are heavily marketing dental implants, lack the experience, education, and training to carry out such procedures but have exceptional marketing skills.  Unfortunately, when it comes to a procedure such as dental implants, patients might want to put some research in the doctor performing these surgeries and also investigate the exact implant going into their mouth.”

IJR news is investigating some of these doctors and encourage feedback from patients that have had a good or bad experience with dental implants. Doctor Tom Michaelis can be reached at

Dr. Roxana Greenman Ph. D.

Advisory panel IJR NEWS


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