Looking for a Protective Face Mask?  Google Says No

protective face masks

Looking for a Protective Face Mask?  Google Says No.

Headline News Guru 6/5/2020 Never mind the surgeon general, the CDC, or any other major authority, leave it up to Google to determine what is good and bad.  In fact, Google takes it upon themselves to band anyone from advertising face masks for on the internet.   Why is this? 

Headline News sought answers to this.  After a barrage of unreturned phone calls from Google, we reached out to a premier and local face-mask manufacturer, Face Mask Kings, owned and operated by Blithe Defense in Huntington Beach, CA.

After one phone call, we received a call back from the actual CEO of Face Mask Kings, Derek Blithe, who was not surprised when we inquired about Googles apparent control in this arena. 

Blithe told us that his U.S. face mask company has been essentially denied by Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Inc. to build brand awareness, and to build his business, and to support U.S. citizens. 

Face Mask Kings is a new Huntington Beach face mask company with a 12-week history of making face masks.  However, they are a 30-year veteran of making marine grade barriers to the harshest environments. According to Blithe, it is precisely why they took it upon themselves to respond to a pandemic and to help Americans.

FaceMaskKings.com is owned and operated by Derek Blithe, retooled his existing business, to help provide quality protective masks available in an expedited fashion. Today the CEO finds himself in a situation where doing the right thing, has literally made his company a victim of Google and others dictating what they will allow on advertising. It is difficult to comprehend.  Blithe told Headline News this, “I took it upon myself to lend a hand in time of need because I’m no stranger to making shields of the harshest environments. So, the transition was seamless and after learning the ins and outs of the benefits of protective face masks, I decided to continue to produce them permanently.”

“As anyone can attest in manufacturing, it is costly anytime you change what you are manufacturing.  Whether it is a small change or in this case a totally different product completely.  The retooling alone is astronomical.  We have donated over 1000 masks to front line workers, but at the end of the day, we must advertise to compete in the marketplace.” 

“As in any business I am trying to recoup my investment and sought to invest some marketing dollars to get the word out to normal businesses etc. Just brand awareness, that we are making some great quality masks right here in California.  It does not take a genius to soon realize that Google does not allow any businesses to advertise masks for sale.  Why?  Because they are not confident that some of the advertisers selling masks manufactured in China, are substandard or poorly made. But Google will let you teach people how to make a mask at home.  Trust me when I say, you would much rather use a mask we produce than one made at home. So why punish a U.S. company simply because they manufacture something better than the companies that Google is concerned with?  What if the government told Ford they could not advertise any longer because the French make some questionable cars and sell them in the U.S.?  It’s absurd and is censorship at its worse.” 

Headline News continued investigation reveals that it is apparent that there is an increased number of incidents where companies that control parts or much of American lives like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are becoming the judge to what is considered freedom of speech, pursuit of happiness, and a list of other constitutional rights.  Utilizing censorship much in the way China does.  There is countless evidence of companies such as these removing content that does not meet their opinions on subjects, not allowing advertising to entire groups based on a few bad apples, and a list of others.  If an American made mask company with 30-year track record of producing superior defense, aerospace, marine, energy and industrial products isn’t allowed to advertise their product because of Google’s view, we must ask how far will this go and what is next? 

Mike Gingino – Headline News Guru / IJR News Senior Editor 

Newport Beach, CA 657 222 7074  

Please contact for information regarding this article 

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