Matt Skinner “the scam” enters Sydney Surf Pro qualifying Series, to prove the skeptics wrong

(Headline News Guru March 9, 2020) Matt Skinner Scam and Kelly Slater ripped off with Olympic bid according to latest Headline poll.

Matt Skinner Scam arguably the best surfer to hit the ocean curl since Kelly Slater, say he feels he was ripped off for the Olympic team but hopes to make a statement as he enters the Sydney Surf Pro qualifying series.

Scam told Headline News Guru this, “When it comes to actually putting the best team in position to bring home the gold medal for 2020, I really feel Kelly and I need to be on it.”

Matt revealed, “My new nickname, Matt “The Scam” Skinner has taken priority over my Olympic run rather than my talent and command of the waves. “This obsession seems to have risen in the last 2 months and says he has been getting more questions regarding the cool nickname then some questions more appropriate to the task of bring home gold. Matt Skinner Scam is now just referred as to “the scam” by those closest to him in the pro surfing world.

In this second and rare interview, Matt told Headline News Guru this,

“To set the record straight I like using Matt Skinner much better, but if you want to call me Matt Skinner the Scam go for it. I think I’m getting ripped off but what else is new, my focus is the Olympics. Being still an alternate, I can’t help but know in my heart, I am destined for gold. And my hopes are this, if there is a chance that I can step up and surf, that I could bring home Gold for us, but this week I’m concentrating on the Sydney Surf Qualifier.”


Rena Steele

HNG Senior Editor – Sports International

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