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This article has been submitted by readers regarding repeated reports investigated by IJR staff about Dr. Tony Mork (Anthony Mork), we welcome any comments that either support or dispute this already heavily reported accusations.  IJR News does not endorse or dispute the articles that are posted by independent authors but are posted for informational awareness, and if the meet world Journalism standards

This article was submitted by one of our readers regarding a surgeon that has had several malpractice accusation claims against him through very transferable means and fronts. Besides the abundance of apparent provable claims this Newport Beach spinal surgean continues to perform procedures. The point of this article is to investigate deeper into the several reports of medical malpractice from procedures under the care of endoscopy endoscopic spinal surgeon Dr. Anthony Mork (a.k.a. as Dr. Tony Mork).

Mork, originally from DeFuniak Springs, Florida to his most recent location Newport Beach, Ca. Information received by IJRNews has confirmed his practice Microspine Surgical Center continues to perform these procedures out of Newport Beach California uner Anthony Mork. This is an outrage to think the Board of Orthopedic Surgery continues to grant Dr. Mork the certification to perform surgery with several victims testifying to his negligence.  IJRNews has received official reports filed by more than 5 complaints against Dr. Anthony Mork and his practice for charges ranging from malpractice, fraud, misdiagnosis, to performing unnecessary procedures solely for profit. If that was not enough this doctor has been using aliases for his practice and himself.  Regardless of numerous complaints tot he performing these r It has been brought to our attention that a spinal surgeon licensed in Florida has been performing procedures that have left many with poor to unsatisfactory life threating  results. A numerous of complaints have been filed against this doctor but are unsuccesful per the doctor moving locations.

We welcome the readers of to comment on their thoughts regarding the


Numerous articles and accusation against Dr. Anthony Mork of Newport Beach can be found all over the internet. Before having any ind of consultation or work by this surgeon please read the following sites:

– Leah writes – “I had lumbar surgery by Dr. Anthony Mork in 2003, a laser-assisted discectomy. Even though the surgery made my back and leg pain better, shortly thereafter I developed a severe post-operative infection which required 6 weeks of IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics, sleeping in a recliner for a year because I couldn’t lay down from all the pain, a back brace which I wore for 24 hours a day, and a four-wheeled walker. I cannot express how much pain I was in. I contacted Dr. Mork about the infection and was told that it never happened before with any of his patients. I don’t believe him. Any doctor that has done 5,000 surgeries in 5 years, which Dr. Mork claims, is bound to have several patients who develop post-operative infections. Even though I respected Dr. Mork at the beginning of this process, I have lost all respect for him and would never recommend him to anybody. By the way, my L5-S1 disc dissolved due to the infection, and those two vertebrae fused on their own. I am doing a lot better now, can lay flat to sleep, no more walker or cane, and am stronger. But I will never forget the hell that I went through because of Dr. Mork.”

Leah’s comments and numerous others can be found @

– mgt55ddrt wrote – “my name is dan and dr mork nicked my spinal cord in my neck and put me in a wheel chair.

over a five year period I still where a brace for drop foot. my right arm and hand are curled up.

I have no balance and stumble everywhere.he created a stroke on my right side.its kind of like he said sorry about that and sent me home.never heard from him again.”

find his post and others @

-Steven Barone writes –  “I have personally experienced and which I believe, in my opinion, have contributed to and resulted in permanent injury that I sustained while being treated at the MicroSpine Surgery Center while under the care of Dr. Anthony Mork and Dr. Scott Haufe of MicroSpine”

Steven’s statements can be found @

– georgia_paraleg claims – “I am a victim of Microspine and Dr. Mork. I went in with minor problems. Due to his leaving bone fragments in, I suffered an 8 mm (about 1/2 inch) tear to the dura or thecal sac, and severely leaked spinal fluids. The failures of this clinic left me with partial paralysis and largly contributed to my divorce. I am, and may always be, a chronic pain patient. In addition to the great work of microspine, they have had the audacity to send me to collections for not paying for the two additional surgeries it took to correct his mistake (I paid for the first surgery in cash up front). If I could do it all again, I would run as fast as I could away from Microspine or Dr. Mork. btw…they keep you sedated but awake during the surgery so you can feel the drilling in your back, and Mork isn’t even nice about it. If you say ouch, you will get “don’t say ouch, tell me where it hurts! is it the same pain or is it different?” The guy is nuts.”

georgia_parelg comment can be found @


  1. It is amazing how these doctors get away with this stuff, thank God for the Internet, this gut should be stripped of his medical license. There is way too much info out there for some of this not to be true. Great job IJR NEWS!!!!!

    1. Charles,
      You are very welcome. It is surprising to see that doctors still continue to practice regardless of the inability to perform these surgeries successful. Not to mention the damage caused to the lives of victims that will live forever with these physical and emotional scars.

    1. Wendy,
      I am sorry to here that your friend was a victim of this spinal surgeon. If you can help educate the rest of readers of things to ask or look out for, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I cannot believe you guys have the &*^% to print this, I LOVE YOU, there should be journalism award for guts and freedom of speech in IJR name. get a donation button on here people

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