“Newport Beach spinal surgeon attempts to “buy his way” to favorable reviews


REMOVED PER DR. Anthony Mork’s Attorney Request 

Dr-Tony-Mork-195x300Amended and removed article per receipt of demand from Anthony Morks attorney.

This article was originally submitted by readers regarding repeated reports investigated by various internet sources and IJR staff about Dr. Tony Mork (Anthony Mork), we welcomed any comments that either supported or disputed these already heavily reported accusations.


IJRNews orignially asked that if anyone else had comments or testimonials whether good, bad or indifferent regarding Dr. Tony Mork or Dr. Anthony Mork, a Newport Beach spinal surgeon, to please contact us or leave your comments. We appreciated and want to share the information gathered from our readers to inform the readers of vital information prior to going under any surgical procedures.

Because of the nature of this request by Doctor Anthony Morks attorney we simply suggest that readers Google “DR. Anthony Mork Reviews and establish their own opinion of respective reviews.

JR News was asked by Dr. Morks attorney to remove the content of this article and in a effort to avoid unnecessary attorney fees we are complying. Anthony Mork’s Attorney information

Gina Giacusa, Esq.
Lalchandani Simon PL - Associate
25 SE 2nd Ave., Suite 1020
Miami, FL 33131
Telephone: (786) 505-5290

This is being done contrary to our belief that we are being asked to give up our amendment rights.

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  1. I Too was a victim of Dr Morks. I had 3 surgeries with him and now am in constant pain, I have no feeling in either foot, My left foot drops and I trip. My life has degraded to the point I am almost totaly worthless. My credit is trashed because of the inability to work. This guy will continue hurting people till he loses his license. He is a good con and keeps you coming back for the promised land of no pain and a lifestyle like you use to have. The truth of the matter is back surgery doesn’t “fix” anything it is just suppose to help releive the pain as a last ditch effort

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