“Newport Beach spinal surgeon attempts to “buy his way” to favorable reviews

Evidence continues to pile against Dr. Tony Mork AKA DR. Anthony Mork.

Money cannot buy everything, not even good reviews from websites that specialize in the review game.

This is especially true on Doctor rating and review sites. When doctors have a continual habit to perform questionable practices even if not true, perception is reality in most cases, especially on a information highway such as the internet. What has become a review website game among users, advertisers, and businesses, has become a focus of this doctor.   However, it is hard to overlook the compounding reviews that all point in a similar direction.

IJRNews has been investigating Dr. Tony Mork AKA Anthony Mork, a Newport Beach spinal surgeon, for the last month,and has uncovered many patterns.

Dr. Mork MD,  who recently transferred his business  from Florida where many internet users claim was the start of his downfall. After numerous self-posted articles on IJRNews website, IJRNews decided to investigate the claims. After countless review testimonies and no return calls by Dr. Mork’s office, we found an abundance of similarity in many of the patient reviews.

The most disturbing feedback that we uncovered was that by a web specialist who showed the IJRNews staff how they described of how Dr. Mork was paying to advertise with various review websites to get on top of the same review websites were Dr. Mork had complaints. Because of the recent class action lawsuits against review websites, such as Yelp,  websites cannot remove bad reviews once posted until they naturally fall off the radar. That is the way it is supposed to be, although not always observed.

IJRNews asks that if anyone else has comments or testimonials whether good, bad or indifferent regarding Dr. Tony Mork or Dr. Anthony Mork, a Newport Beach spinal surgeon, please contact us or leave your comments. We appreciated and want to share the information gathered from our readers to inform the readers of vital information prior to going under any surgical procedures.

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  1. I Too was a victim of Dr Morks. I had 3 surgeries with him and now am in constant pain, I have no feeling in either foot, My left foot drops and I trip. My life has degraded to the point I am almost totaly worthless. My credit is trashed because of the inability to work. This guy will continue hurting people till he loses his license. He is a good con and keeps you coming back for the promised land of no pain and a lifestyle like you use to have. The truth of the matter is back surgery doesn’t “fix” anything it is just suppose to help releive the pain as a last ditch effort

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