Greenman Consulting Extracts a Ostensible bad reference used to fuel Yelp review for Cerna Healthcare

Greenman Consulting Extracts a Ostensible bad  reference used to fuel Yelp review for Cerna Healthcare

IJR News (Headline News Guru) GC officially Withdraws a seeming bad  reference used to fuel Yelp review for Cerna Healthcare, Headline News calls, “foul play.”

Greenman Consulting withdraws its Yelp review reference from “Truthfinder” regarding Cerna Homecare in Irvine, CA due to pressure by Cerna’s Attorney, outright denial of any acccuracy of public records received by GC,  and pending further review.  Chris Greenman, a internet consultant in digital marketing expertise is considered one of the top SEO  / Digital Crime Consultants worldwide according to collegues and and a whose who client lists which include Experian, MGM, and NASCAR . During a recent phone interview, Greenman told Headline News Guru that he he officially wished to withdraw the statements made on Yelp concerning Cerna Homecare amid Cerna’s denial of all public records that were discovered through the App Truthfinder.

In this exclusive interview with Headline News Guru Chris Greenman said this, “According to preliminary discovery by some reputable public background resources, and while working directly with my client, who is still a current client of Cerna Homecare, I found some very disturbing possibilities concerning the owners of Cerna Homecare.  Doing my due diligence I confirmed address, phone numbers, and ages provided by the app with the information I already had regarding Nick Payzant and Mark Friedman, and to this day it appears to be valid.  It really showed all signs of accuracy, and honestly, it  still does  in my opinion. “

“My clients in fact have genuine concerns which have been confidentially shared with me, along with other forms of validation and documentation which supports their claims and allegations.  After a few weeks of gathering all information available to us, we determined that other people should take initiative and research these individuals as there did appear to be sufficient and overwhelming support for caution.  I then suggested a public forum, or a widely used review strategy suchj as YELP in order to make other clients and the owners  aware of the on-going concerns of Cerna and its owners, and in particular the astonishing problems they have regarding their father’s care,  who is under the care of Cerna. “

“Upon being retained by the mutual clients for help in this area I discovered some possible digital red flags and arrests, license revocations, etc. in which I shared with my  clients and information that they themselves had unveiled.  My clients were obviously not surprised and very agitated and asked me to write a YELP review on their behalf regarding their personal experience with CERNA, and as a way of suggesting that people do their own research on Cerna prior to dedicating a loved one there.” .

“My clients shorty after helping me with their review conveyed that they were too scared to leave the review and feared retaliation.  Rather it was their wishes  that I leave it on their behalf as they were genuinely scared of the owneres Nick Payzant and Marc Friedman.  Numerous times during my interview with the client and based on my years of police officer interactions with victims,  they clearly showed me fear, and conveyed they dreaded the presence of being physically hurt as well.  In order to put a layer between my client and Cerna, and for their protection, I wrote the review on their behalf and with them dictating the letter verbatim.  Also, YELP took down our review almost immediately following the review being posted.”

‘Immediately after leaving the review, my email lit up like a Christmas tree on Madison Ave. in New York City.  The phone calls and texts were regarding my review of Cerna and this email was from Nick Payzant, the owner of Cerna.  His initial response was one of a man that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  Extremely defensive and was adamant that his issue was that I wasn’t an actual patient and therefore I couldn’t review his company. Because of his advertising relationship with Yelp, he would have it removed. YELP unfortunately,  is aften thought to cater to its advertisers and punishes those that done.  There are thousands of articles by reputable publications  including Forbes  regarding this growing problem that is being seen more often then ever over with advertisers on YELP avoiding bad reviews by continuing advertising on Yelp, Cerna indeed advertises with Yelp (See Screenshot below).  I found it odd that rather then deny the questions then, he opted to be upset that I wasn’t a patient and that I couldn’t review because I was  outside Yelp guidelines?”


“So Nick then denied any of the researched alleged facts regarding their background info even though the public information seemed to be very closely and I mean very closely identical to both owners age, addresses, and phone numbers. In addition, whoever these people were that bare the same names of these owners, and  also had a company called Cerna according to the TruthFinder results, are very sneaky people. Finally,  I was soon contacted via their attorney asking me to withdraw my comments and disavow them or would face a lawsuit for myself and clients.”

“In light of staying out of court for my clients, I have opted to simply comply with the tone of the letter that left me feeling extorted and would simply suggest for potential and existing clients of cerna to simply look into the owners of Cerna like you would any other company before sending a loved one there.”

Chris Greenman’s official statement to Headline News Guru and authorized us to publish on his behalf  is this, “  So because of this deceptive mistake of identity, it is with my deepest apologies to Cerna and Nick Payzant and Marc Friedman that my comments on Yelp are retracted and were incorrect factually because of depraved apparent information acquired via Truthfinder. ”

“Although my clients concerns still very much exist and I want to reiterate the fact that on the review we simply suggested that people should ask the questions themselves to both owners regarding the public information displayed and acquired easily with certain diligence towards uncovering data on people.  Court houses have real good records of public litigation and with just a little effort, you can sometimes reaffirm (or disaffirm as Cerna and their lawyer convey) what others have allegedly found. It is for this truth that I make this apology to Cerna.”

Acting independently and in public interest, Headline News did notice other negative reviews and an astonishing number of support around the negative reviews on Yelp versus the positive ones for Cerna Home CARE. This only can conclude that there is a interesting number of people that support the ones that come forward but maybe are too afraid to post themselves what they feel, similar to Chris Greenman’s statement regarding his clients fear.  Also there was only one negative review on Yelp that was recommended and one cant find it until page two.  And all the negative ones were on the non recommended reviews determined by Yelp.

Additionally after looking to a random healthcare provider near Cerna that doesn’t seem to advertise with Yelp, they are unfortunately given their negative reviews listed on the first page result unlike Cerna, even though they both share the same overall rating.

Headline news finds this process one that seems to be influenced by everyone but whom the spirit of review websites is supposed to be for.  In this research we call ”foul play” for those interfering with the freedom of speech, those extorting and influenced by money, and we give praise to those that truly stand behind their duty to simply help mankind.

Mike Gingino – New York , NY  / Washington D.C.

Headline News Guru Guest Senior Journalist and legal expert

IJR NEWS Journalist of Ethics Man of the YEAR 2008

For any questions regarding this article or if you have anything that could add substance to it,  please contact or text me at  304 362 7596

































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