Launches – and De-mystifies Ride-Hail and Delivery Companies like Uber and Amazon Flex

  • <strong>Alvia presents the Best Ride-Booking and Delivery Jobs of 2017</strong>

People now have a single go-to destination where they can find the best on-demand gigs.” Digital marketing icon, Chris Greenman

    LOS ANGELES, CA, May 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Alvia is a news and resource website that provides information and tools about the emerging on-demand economy and simplifies the overwhelming flood of new opportunities for its users.

Launched this week, uberrequirementsis no longer just for Uber, Lyft or UberEATS drivers – rather, it compiles on-demand economy companies into one comprehensive platform, helping people to easily scan available options, and consider what’s right for them.

Alvia started over two years ago (then called I Drive With Uber), and quickly became one of the most popular Uber and ride-hail resources on the web. Its content was regularly featured on news sites like Yahoo Finance, Life hacker and USA Today.

After its recent re-branding, has officially become the world’s largest resource for the on-demand economy. With Alvia, users have access to free, curated information on a range of on-demand economy companies, pay and salary information, and much more.

The on-demand economy is rapidly growing. It has moved beyond early adopters and is becoming widely popular among mainstream users, almost half the users being millennials (age 18-34). Startups like Airbnb and Uber still comprise the majority of this new economy, but new companies enter the market at a rapid pace. Unsurprisingly, there is a huge need for information.

Chris Greenman, an Alvia representative for PR, commented:
“Alvia – formerly known as – has helped millions of people find part-time or full-time driving gigs. Our audience has grown quickly over the past two years, and there is a real hunger for new information about the emerging on-demand economy, not just Uber or Lyft. There’s an opening in the market, and new players are showing up. The site aims to curate and organize the jungle of information for our users, and present it conveniently in one platform. We want people to have choices, so they can pick the company that works best for them. People now have a single go-to destination where they can find the best on-demand gigs.”

Alvia sets out to simplify the on-demand economy and bring clarity to users. Whether it’s ride-hail, delivery or other on-demand services, people often navigate this complex new world without much guidance or tools. Alvia curates and organizes valuable information and advice for people who are looking for the perfect gig or just want to know about the latest app in the on-demand world. Alvia is based in Los Angeles. For more information visit

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