Warranty Quote follows the Digital Marketing lead of Experian, Nascar, and Other Top Brands in Acquiring SEO Superstar Chris Greenman.

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chris greenmanWarranty Quote follows the Digital Marketing lead of Experian, Nascar, and Other Top Brands in Acquiring SEO Superstar Chris Greenman.


(HeadlineNews.Guru / IJR NEWS March 25,2015) www.WarrantyQuote.net (A Red Auto Protection subsidary) Officially announced their latest star addition to their digital marketing team, and admit Chris Greenman, has played the key role in Warranty Quote’s rapid rise to Google’s top spot.

On a Monday Evening interview, RED AUTO’s (Warranty Quote’s)CMO, Trevor Smith, told Headline News Staff that they had reached terms with SEO Icon, Chris Greenman, and plan on retaining him inevitably.Smith said, “Greenman has already done the impossible.”

chris greenman ufcExperian, UFC Legends Chuck Liddell & Randy Couture, NASCAR, Jaguar Industries, Brandt Beef, and a who’s who list of other reputable super-brands all share the digital marketing common denominator. They all have hired SEO icon Chris Greenman to lead their SEO strategy when needed.

Smith compared Greenman to a free agent in the NFL, “He has proven himself at a certain level of play in the complex SEO world, like Peyton Manning is to NFL football, Chris Greenman is to SEO, with the only difference being that they were able to draft him in the prime of his career.”  

The Red Auto executive staff recruitment efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Greenman has already been pursued by a major competitor in the used auto warranty world as soon as they witnessed their top position fall behind Warranty Quote. Google too has taken notice quickly, achieving Google’s  top spot to “Warranty Quote”and other major keywords in under three months.

In an industry filled with dishonesty, greed, poor ethics, and hard sales driven salespeople, only a few extended warranty companies have earned a reputation that is honorable. Chris Greenman explained, “I researched these type of companies in-depth, Red Auto Protection is one of two I would hang my hat on.”

According to Greenman, he will only to market for companies that he 100% believes in. His strategic partners, such as Fill in the Brand of NY and GrahamVision of Newport Beach, are under the same microscope and expectations. Greenman says, “I have been a referral only SEO strategist mainstay for at least 10 years now, before SEO was even called SEO. I constantly fine tune my training, education, and build on my vast experience to retain cutting edge techniques. However, one thing I don’t do is fine tune on ways to trick Google, that is a recipe for disaster.  Google puts the best results at the top period.  When I search for something I expect Google to read my mind, knowing this is my edge.”

Wikipedia and our own Headline News investigation confirmed Greenman’s credibility and reputation on a digital scale and seems to have aligned with a company that shares similar higher ethics and standards.

Jill Madera – Senior Digital Journalist

Headline News Guru




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