Comprehensive tax information for Uber drivers and Lyft drivers goes beyond TurboTax tips

(2/1/2016 Headline News.Guru) I Drive with Uber (IDWU), the evolving authority for Uber and Lyft drivers, released free comprehensive tax information specifically geared towards ridesharing drivers.

I Drive With Uber is regarded as a leading authority and information provider for Uber drivers. The website’s mission is to do just that – provide information for Uber and Lyft drivers/passengers that goes beyond the actual Uber website.

Time For Taxes Message Shows Taxation Due
Time For Taxes Message Showing Taxation Due

If you are one of the many new drivers for Uber or Lyft (or one of other ride sharing companies), filing your 2015 taxes is most likely uncharted territory for you. “I Drive With Uber” realized this and collaborated with a tax specialist to lay down the ‘rules and regulations’, and created a tax preparation guide for drivers. I Drive With Uber is providing this free extensive info packet on their website.

Uber identifies its drivers as independent contractors and not as employees. This subject, whether Uber drivers should be classified as employees or independent contractors, is currently being litigated in numerous states in the US. However, until a decision has been reached, Uber drivers will have to file taxes as self-employed individuals (1099 contractors).

This is one of the key points the tax guide on the IDWU website focuses on: the difference between being a 1099 independent contractor versus a traditional employee (which many new drivers mistakenly think they are). Furthermore, the guide elaborates on the tax benefits and deductions that are available for ride share drivers. Many drivers will be surprised about the numerous tax deductions they are actually entitled to.

The IDWU guide provides relevant information for any Uber or Lyft driver in the process of preparing for the current 2016 tax season. Other than the above-mentioned topics, other covered subjects include: self-employment tax, estimated tax payments, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, and many more. If you’re thinking of becoming an Uber driver or already are driving for Uber or Lyft, IDWU is a valuable information platform for you.

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White hat seo chris greenman

Warranty Quote follows the Digital Marketing lead of Experian, Nascar, and Other Top Brands in Acquiring SEO Superstar Chris Greenman.


chris greenmanWarranty Quote follows the Digital Marketing lead of Experian, Nascar, and Other Top Brands in Acquiring SEO Superstar Chris Greenman.


(HeadlineNews.Guru / IJR NEWS March 25,2015) (A Red Auto Protection subsidary) Officially announced their latest star addition to their digital marketing team, and admit Chris Greenman, has played the key role in Warranty Quote’s rapid rise to Google’s top spot.

On a Monday Evening interview, RED AUTO’s (Warranty Quote’s)CMO, Trevor Smith, told Headline News Staff that they had reached terms with SEO Icon, Chris Greenman, and plan on retaining him inevitably.Smith said, “Greenman has already done the impossible.”

chris greenman ufcExperian, UFC Legends Chuck Liddell & Randy Couture, NASCAR, Jaguar Industries, Brandt Beef, and a who’s who list of other reputable super-brands all share the digital marketing common denominator. They all have hired SEO icon Chris Greenman to lead their SEO strategy when needed.

Smith compared Greenman to a free agent in the NFL, “He has proven himself at a certain level of play in the complex SEO world, like Peyton Manning is to NFL football, Chris Greenman is to SEO, with the only difference being that they were able to draft him in the prime of his career.”  

The Red Auto executive staff recruitment efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Greenman has already been pursued by a major competitor in the used auto warranty world as soon as they witnessed their top position fall behind Warranty Quote. Google too has taken notice quickly, achieving Google’s  top spot to “Warranty Quote”and other major keywords in under three months.

In an industry filled with dishonesty, greed, poor ethics, and hard sales driven salespeople, only a few extended warranty companies have earned a reputation that is honorable. Chris Greenman explained, “I researched these type of companies in-depth, Red Auto Protection is one of two I would hang my hat on.”

According to Greenman, he will only to market for companies that he 100% believes in. His strategic partners, such as Fill in the Brand of NY and GrahamVision of Newport Beach, are under the same microscope and expectations. Greenman says, “I have been a referral only SEO strategist mainstay for at least 10 years now, before SEO was even called SEO. I constantly fine tune my training, education, and build on my vast experience to retain cutting edge techniques. However, one thing I don’t do is fine tune on ways to trick Google, that is a recipe for disaster.  Google puts the best results at the top period.  When I search for something I expect Google to read my mind, knowing this is my edge.”

Wikipedia and our own Headline News investigation confirmed Greenman’s credibility and reputation on a digital scale and seems to have aligned with a company that shares similar higher ethics and standards.

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safest cars

Here are the safest and most dangerous cars on the road IIHS Finds Death Rates Dramatically Vary Depending On Make And Model

IIHS Finds Death Rates Dramatically Vary Depending On Make And Model

New car designs are playing a prominent role in reducing traffic deaths, but the odds of getting killed in a car accident still dramatically vary depending on the make and model of your car.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued findings Thursday from a study that examined the death rates for vehicles from the 2011 model year. Overall, they determined that new cars are offering significant new protections for motorists.

In a three-year span, the average death rate fell from 48 fatalities per million vehicles registered in 2008 vehicles to 28 fatalities per million registrations in 2011 vehicles, a decrease of more than 41 percent.

“This is a huge improvement in just three years, even considering the economy’s influence,” said David Zuby, the executive vice president and chief research officer at IIHS. “We know from our vehicle ratings program that crash-test performance has been getting steadily better. These latest death rates provide new confirmation that real-world outcomes are improving too.”

Safest, Most Dangerous Models

If there’s a caveat to that, it’s that improvements aren’t benefiting all drivers.

The 2011 Kia Rio had the highest rate of death, with 149 fatalities expected per million registrations. The Nissan Versasedan had 130 fatalities per million registered and the Hyundai Accent had 120 fatalities per million registered. They were the deadliest cars in the study.

On the safest end of the spectrum, nine models had a death rate of zero: the Audi A4 4WD, the Honda Odyssey, the Kia Sorento 2WD, Lexus RX 350 4WD, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 4WD, Subaru Legacy 4WD, Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD, Toyota Sequoia 4WD, and Volvo XC90 4WD.

When the IIHS researchers conducted the same study eight years ago, there were no vehicles that had a death rate of zero. Improvements are coming from both an external push from safety advocates to eradicate traffic deaths and from technology advances in the vehicles themselves.

“The complete elimination of traffic deaths is still many decades away, and along with vehicle improvements, getting there will require changes in road design and public policy that can help protect all road users,” Zuby said. “Still, the rise in the number of vehicles with zero driver deaths shows what’s possible.”

In 2012, 33,561 Americans were killed in car accidents. In 2013, that number dipped to 32,719.

safest cars
safest cars

Technology Drives Improvement

IIHS tabulated its results by examining fatality data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and registration data from R.L. Polk & Co. Researchers examined 2011 model-year vehicle data through the end of the 2012 calendar year. The results examine drivers only, not all vehicle occupants.

A related IIHS study shows that technology improvements are the main reason for the decline in deaths. Improved structures and the addition of safety features saved approximately 7,700 lives in 2012 alone compared to the number that would have died had there been no technology changes since 1985. While safety-conscious car shoppers should no doubtcheck the full results for make-and-model information, there are some general trends in the data that are not surprising.

Cars are still susceptible to physics: Bigger cars proved safer than smaller ones. Vehicles that fall into the IIHS’ “mini” four-door category, for example, averaged 115 deaths per million registrations. As the cars get bigger, they generally get safer. “Small” four-door cars averaged 51 deaths per million registrations; “midsize” had a rate of 29 fatalities per million registrations; “large” four-door cars 34 deaths per million registration and “very large” 24 deaths per million registrations.

Four-wheel drive also seemed to be a difference maker. Thirteen of the 19 safest models in the study contained this feature, while only one of the 19 most dangerous cars – the ’11 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew – had four-wheel drive.


Used-Car Lemon Laws and Extended Car Warranties Make Buying a Used Car Risk Free

Used-Car Lemon Laws and Extended Car Warranties Make Buying a Used Car Risk Free

Used-Car Lemon Laws and Extended Car Warranties Make Buying a Used Car Risk Free
Used-Car Lemon Laws and Extended Car Warranties Make Buying a Used Car Risk Free

Buying a used car may be cost effective, but it comes with risk such as expired warranties. Do not let your warranty expires. Extended Car Warranties (Vehicle Service Agreements) can save you from costly repairs and maintenance.  

Sure we all like a new car, but lets face it, a used car is most likely always going to be the smartest choice when it comes to value for your dollar.

Extended Car Warranties, also known as Vehicle Service Agreements provide you with peace of mind by knowing that you are covered the same as when you buy a new car. A BBB rated Extended Car Warranty Company (many times hard to find) offers plans that extend your existing warranty. Your car is one of the most expensive investments you commonly purchase in your life as well as among the most precious asset that you may have, so you would want to avoid paying for unwanted auto repairs.

Used Car Lemon Law requires that dealers to give a written warranty to the buyer. The warranty must state that the dealer should handle all the cost of repairs. In the event that the dealer is unable to repair the defects of the car, you may ask for refund for your used vehicle. Lemon car dealers are aware of this, so they also protect themselves from the cost of repairs and refunds by buying extended car warranties. All these make buying used cars risk free.

Buying a vehicle service agreement plan is wise thing to do as long as you purchase it with a reputable company, especially these days where technology can be found in almost every car in the road. Vehicle Service Agreements provide you benefits that you can count on during and after auto claims.