Red Auto Takes Auto Extended Warranty Coverage to an industry leading poll position

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Red Auto Takes Auto Extended Warranty Coverage to an industry leading poll position


Newport Beach, CA IJR NEWS – – 1/21/2015


Warranty Quote, a division of Red Auto Protection, unveils their latest auto coverage industry exclusive auto protection and also announces that they are now servicing their own policies.


Assuring their customers get the best auto coverage and not the best policy for a salesperson is the first priority we have accomplished says Red Auto’s CEO Elijah Norton. “Our customers come first, with this change comes adding our own administrator, which allows us to cater to the type of coverage we can provide.  This gives us control of the claims process which is a characteristic that most other companies can’t match.  I think the best part best part of this is that our contracts have been written so that customers don’t have to have a law degree to understand them.”


warranty quote's piece of mind
warranty quote’s piece of mind

Red Auto’s direct enhancements seem to be the correct moves that could very well  propel them to the top of used car extended protection food chain. Over the years this industry has righteously earned  the often referred to “fly by night”  reputation and is highly scrutinized industry.  Much regulation has taken part of this changing profession regarding auto protection and the “extended warranty” industry referred staple services.


With only a handful of credible  extended car coverage companies, (BBB A rated companies), Red Auto has took pride in its recognized reputation since  its beginnings several years ago.  On, January 19, 2015 Red Auto took the next leap in announcing the creation of it’s industry only coverage plans  and  direct servicing of claims that puts them in a class of their own.


Until this announcement by Red Auto, depending on their coverage level, consumers were limited by every company in the industry in that they could usually only purchase an enhanced powertrain  policy to fulfill the void for their manufacturers   warranty termination time and their additional coverage policy.  Red Auto will now offer   premier and premium coverage in between the expiration of auto manufactures warranty and 100,000 miles.  Additional powertrain coverage will also be available up to 190,000 miles.


Warranty Quotes, Public Advisor, Christopher John, told Headline News Guru, “Before investing thousands into a vehicle, and even more for an extended or premium warranty, it’s important to know what parts of the vehicle are covered under the warranty or protection plan. Many consumers believe that a warranty or protection plan covers you bumper-to-bumper, but every policy has limitations.”


“Red Auto has literally took the ambiguity out of traditional claims and put the customers first, this kind of service and customer focused strategy adds a new level to extended coverage that is going to make the competition non existent when comparing apples to apples. And if other companies feel they can match this coverage, they will have to earn their customer reputation like we have. Consumer reviews and customers repeat business ultimately control our success, we rely on this. It is probably the best feeling for a customer to talk with the same company when dealing with a claim, rather than having call a third party that really has no interest in them.”


Finally John advised customers to check for limitations in their policies,  some warranties have maximums for the amount they will spend on a type of repair.  He also said to, consider extra coverage and check out warranty tier options offering extended service or coverage for air filters, oil changes, tune-ups and similar items.


CC Reginald Parker

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