MMA Bullring Teams with Bamma USA to bring Mixed Martial Arts and Bull riding to another level

MMA Bullring has put together a who’s who team of established MMA icon’s as well as experienced rodeo promoters to lead this new entertainment extravaganza.

Led by MMAJACKED, ProFightNetwork, and MMABAY NEWS founder, Chris Greenman, and Ontario Rodeo promoter John Shelby & Sons, this group has a veteran base.

MMA Bullring’s first proof of know-how came in the immediate decision to claim partnership with BAMMA USA, a veteran and successful California Mixed Martial Arts promotion. Greenman and BAMMA USA CEO, Brett Roberts, have a long and loyal history of partnered events and both know MMA from almost all aspects.

IJR NEWS spoke with Chris Greenman, and he told us this “Mr. Shelby came to me with this idea and I initially took it on as a marketing consultant gig.  Through my discovery of  their already dedicated audiences of the rodeo events and after going to some of these events in Ontario, it was simple choice. There was already a committed crowd and it might make sense to introduce them to MMA.  It was my twisted idea to have the best at each compete in the others respective sport and Mr. Shelby agreed.”

“I then contacted Brett Roberts to see if he would back me on bringing BAMMA USA out to Perris and he came out to the fairgrounds and arena and was convinced, the rest will be history in the making and I am excited to add another dimension to my favorite sport. Can you imagine, Jon Jones on a bull or Anderson Silva or any UFC guy?  I know some of them wouldn’t hesitate but there are others that would run as fast as I would.”

Will the cowboys fight a round of MMA with other cowboys or even possibly established MMA fighters?  Will MMA fighters ride a bull or play cowboy poker against other MMA fighters or possibly established bull riders? These are all questions that will be fun seeing answered.

This is a first of its kind type of event mixing both Mixed Martial Arts and the most brutal rodeo events including bull riding and cowboy poker.  At the end of the planned 6 event circuit, the tables will turn allowing the top of each sport compete in the others sport.  May 19th marks the debut of MMA Bullring’s inaugural event, located in Perris, CA at the state fair location.  Tickets are now available to May 19th event that promises to push the envelope in terms of toughness.

Allen Shelby

Junior Journalist IJR News

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