Victims id attackers in CSU gay assault

CSU Student victim of gay bashing 

Colorado State students Danny Gocha and John Haley identified their assailants, three football players, after a being beaten and called gay slurs.


Danny Gocha, right, with the accused football players.

Three Colorado State University football players were suspended from the team after assaulting four first-year students last week.

The four were assaulted in Fort Collins, Colo., as they were walking home from a party. The players yelled gay slurs as they beat the four students. John Haley and Danny Gocha were transported to Poudre Valley Hospital with black eyes, bruises and cuts. Gocha’s eyes are swollen shut, and a visible shoe print has been imprinted into his back. The other two victims suffered minor injuries. “It wasn’t really much of a fight,” Haley told the Coloradoan. “It was basically just a beating.”

Nordly Capi, Mike Orakpo and Colton Paulhus, all student athletes, were suspended from the team, the Coloradoan reports. Jim McElwain, the CSU football coach, has barred interviews with the players and has not elaborated on his decision. Other CSU football players took to Facebook and made personal visits to the hospital rooms of the victims. The Coloradoan reported that football player Trey Cassidy posted on Facebook that he feared this would influence public opinion of the entire team.

Following a full investigation by Fort Collins police, CSU will conduct it’s own investigation to determine which sanctions will be applied to the offending students. In response to Haley’s posting on Facebook, the Coloradoan reports that Jody Donovan, vice president of CSU’s student affairs, posted, “Students who violate the law or university policies are held accountable for their actions. Colorado State University does not tolerate this behavior.”

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