UFC on brinks of becoming over saturated

That UFC has made its mark as the premier organization to showcase the sport of mixed martial arts.

Dana White has proved that he can bring a back yard brawl into mainstream TV and get it sanctioned by the Nevada State athletic commission and let every country and state follow suit with the exception of New York.

I have been involved with mixed martial arts since the age of five and up until recently was the go to guy when people wanted to know inside information or want to next UFC other wise. Nowadays it seems every weekend there’s a UFC or Strikeforce event.

The good news is I get more MMA Coverage then I ever could’ve dreamed of. The bad news is it is so saturated I just do not have the time to keep up.

What the future holds I do not know I do know this. More and more people are getting involved with the sport. Kids are learning mixed martial arts at a very young age not picking up bad habits as people did when the first fighters were shown on TV. In addition I believe that there’s more talent than ever before not taking away from previous fighters but rather respecting the evolution of the sport.

Congratulations to Dana White, the Fertitas, and UFC they have conquered the sport and brought to mainstream.

Just like the NFL has 31 teams I believe the UFC needs to spread out in a league format that people are able to follow. In reality and some of the weight classes you have one champion that no one can beat and the rest of the people in the weight classes can beat others in the weight on almost any given day. Inherently that is a problem that needs to be addressed and we will leave it up to the geniuses that founded the organization to fix it.

Chris Greenman

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