Congress joins the No H8 campaign

Dennis Kuchinich NOH8 390x | The Advocate
Rep. Dennis Kucinich

The NOH8 Campaign focused its camera on the nation’s capitol earlier this month, with 10 members of Congress donning white to pose for “NOH8 on the Hill.”

The members of Congress who participated represent the District of Columbia, California, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts and Ohio, including Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the former Democratic presidential candidate who encouraged the photo campaign’s venture to Capitol Hill and was the first to sit for the shoot.

“Our nation was founded upon the principle of equality,” he said in a statement released with his photo. “It is imperative that we work for equal rights for all in order to make that principle a reality. Love isn’t gay or straight, tall or short, black or white; it is for everyone.”

All of the 10 lawmakers photographed were Democrats, and although the shoot was open to any member of Congress, no Republicans chose to participate. Among the pictures is one member of the LGBT caucus

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