TEMB Founder picks Chris Arnold to lead, What is Stress

Chris Arnold will step into the driver’s seat as TEMB launches its one of kind offer that is dedicated to teach people how to be stress free., and finally answers the question, what is stress?

TEMB founder Joe Melling has been referred to many psychologists and behavior specialists as not only Tony Robbins prodigy student, but also possibly one of the best motivational strategist in the world, click here to see video.

The new (Thoughts, Emotions, Moods, & Behavior) or TEMB program has been tested for the last three years resulting from the best byproducts from the preeminent known self-cures to date. Joe Melling has assembled the proven recipe for empowering people to learn tactics in effectively giving them tools to overcome all of the behaviors that depression causes, which have been described as stress, anxiety, insecurity, and other unhealthy moods and behaviors.

Joe Melling collaborated with motivational speaker icon, Chris Arnold, and formed http://www.WhatIsStressed.co. Together, Chris and Joe are on a mission to not only better mankind, but help America’s economy get back on track by allowing people to empower and rid themselves of pills, psychiatrists, psychologists, costly and highly dependent Band-Aids, and other non-curing alternatives for stress, depression, or anxiety.

Chris Arnold is one of Las Vegas’ premier success stories, after climbing to the top of the builders ‘ladder in the Las Vegas, and being a major contributor to virtually ever Las Vegas casino, Arnold had his share of letdowns. A route of unforeseen bullets began to shoot towards Arnold and they were led with personal family issues, “the great recession”, and having to lay off an unforeseen amount of employees. This downward spiral ended up almost costing him his multimillion-dollar operation hit.

Arnold has been a motivational speaker and business icon for over a decade. His brutal childhood upbringing had a life-saving intervention from his grandmother and grandfather that led a child with failure as adestiny, to one of the success stories people dream of. The teachings of Chris Arnold’s grandparents eventually would be the key reason to help propel Arnold to a rise in not only life, but business as well.

Between having a highly refined product in the TEMB program, and a one-of-a-kind success story in Chris Arnold, What is stress might just be a thing of the past.

Albert Gomez

V.P. Internet Project Divisional Director

Southern California Region

( 714) 600-4396


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