WWJD? anti-gay church in Des Moines

LGBT against anti-gay church in Des Moines


More than a hundred people gathered in front of a Des Moines, Iowa church on Sunday to protest a sign that it displayed earlier that claimed, “Gay is Not OK.”

The sign was quickly changed to “Adultery is Not OK,” but the move still angered many, prompting a protest in 20-degree weather in front of the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ, the Des Moines Register reports.

Meanwhile, the church’s senior pastor, the Rev. Michael Demastus, led a sermon inside the church. Demastus welcomed attendees, but said that if anyone protested inside, during the service, they would be escorted off the premises, and possibly arrested. During his sermon, Demastus continued to denounce homosexuality, and said it is equally sinful to adultery or premarital sex.

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