Girls go to Jupiter and Boys go to Mars

Although this is been a very close race since first recognized by children in the 1st to 4th grade levels, the subject seems to be a everlasting debate.  The stats are finally in, and they might in fact change the course of time as we know it. Boys go to Mars to get more candy bars and girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider

In a random email sent to 25,000 IJR News readers the results are in, it seems that 55% of those polled feel that boys actually go to Mars to get more candy bars, and of course, girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Is stupider even a word?

The most interesting thing about the official IJR News  survey was that 60% of the emails sent out were to females and 30%  to males, and 10% refused to say.  Just as there are more woman alive in the U.S. and are eligible to vote, the U.S. has never sen a woman president.  This simple fact adds substance to the new results.

This sample poll according to most dietitians is a very accurate estimate as to be national poll asking the same question.

Although the IGR staff doesn’t side or concur with this result, it is official, and we must honor it. This is finally a time for the boys of this world to celebrate, and they’re going to have a lot of candy bars and go to Mars. Unfortunately, for the girls of our world,  they will end up going to Jupiter and well apparently according to the study won’t gain much knowledge  there.

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Ciara Greenman – Guest junior  journalist representing Orange County, and is a proud member of a California Distinguished School.


  1. This is Mike Gingino Editor in Chief, we found out that Ciara Greenman didn’t write this but a member of her family did

    We Apologize to her

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