Bachmann needs to go away

Bachmann Highlights Antigay Positions

By Trudy Ring


In the final days leading up to the Iowa presidential caucus, Michelle Bachmann is touting herself as more anti–marriage equality and anti–abortion rights than her opponents.

At a campaign stop Tuesday in Council Bluffs, Bachmann sought to set herself apart from the rest of the Republican field, The New York Times reports. “Mitt Romney has defended gay marriage and even signed marriage licenses for same-sex couples, and Ron Paul doesn’t believe the government should protect the institution of marriage,” she said. “I have a record of defending life, marriage, and the family, and I’ll protect them as president of the United States.”

Bachmann’s campaign staff also sent out a press release quoting longtime right-wing activist Phyllis Schlafly as saying, “Michele has the courage to be a leader among her peers. … She has a 100 percent pro-life record and is a strong supporter of traditional marriage.”

Iowa voters will make their preference for the GOP candidate known in the caucus next Tuesday.

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