Reverse the Effects of Gum Disease with Bone and Tissue Regeneration |

According to the American Dental Association (ADA)

  • Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in the United States today, affecting nearly 10% of adults and many more who aren’t aware of their condition. Depending on the extent of an individual’s gum disease, a number of negative consequences can result, but there are solutions.
Scientific research

The following article explores the effects of gum disease and available treatment options.

Effects of Gum Disease
When heavily contaminated with bacteria, gums become severely inflamed. This inflammation causes the gums to pull away from the teeth and become infected. The gum begins to form spaces of pockets that allow infection to spread beneath the gum line. The bacteria begin to destroy the connective tissue and bone holding the teeth in place. Left untreated, the bones, gums, and tissue will be rendered useless and the teeth will become looser and looser until they have to be removed.

Treatment Options
Whether the patient is interested in tooth replacement or simply wants to reinforce the remaining teeth, bone and tissue regeneration is an option. This procedure will remove the infection and the doctor will place regenerative materials and tissue-stimulating proteins to induce the body’s natural healing process to regrow bone and tissue.

This procedure is the best bet to permit the patient to preserve a beautiful, natural smile, though it will require a customized home care program and proper professional cleanings. Keeping up with proper oral hygiene practices after this procedure is essential for maintaining the results. Regularly brushing and flossing is an essential habit for ensuring good tooth health.

For more information on bone and tissue regeneration or dental implants, contact Dr. Stuart J. Froum. Dr. Froum is a leading specialist in periodontics and can evaluate the state of your gums and suggest an appropriate method of treatment. Call (917) 338-0259 to schedule an appointment.

Written by Dr. Stuart J. From, DDS – Dentist NYC

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