The Dallas Cowboys might just be the best team in the NFL

( 9/19/2011)

Well it is a little too early to start predicting NFL Superbowl picks but many sports analysts are picking Tony Romo and the Boys to take it all the way.  Then again, America’s Team seems to gain fans yearly even with pathetic performances for over a decade and no where near the Lombardi Trophy for almost two decades.


Tony Romo punctured a lung and broke a rib but would not take losing as an option this last Sunday at San Francisco.  The Cowboys head back home 1-1 and hope to Make a Superbowl run.

The NFL world saw that the Cowboys man-handled the defending AFC Championship runner-ups, The New York Jets, before giving the game away on a silver platter last Sunday night but neither the Cowboys or Romo would have any part of a loss this time around.  In fact in the fourth quarter Romo actually appeared to play for his own team versus switching in the fourth quarter a week ago.  Many witness claim that Pete Rose and Romo have been playing golf lately which could explain the “trader” type of label Romo had to succumb to the first week of football.

The over three decade rivalry between the two football teams proved to deliver some old school charm.  Although when the game winning field Goal took place at Candlestick park one would think they were in Texas for sure. The dominant blue shade on field goals end looked to be dominated by seats filled with cheers from the Dallas Cowboys fans themselves, in fact, the Boys might even had an apparant home team advantage in the City of San Francisco.

Whether SuperBowl bound or not, the Cowboys appear to be finally on the A train, with Jason Garret as their Chief Engineer.


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