Japanese investment guns for used fitness equipment and their service contracts

Japanese investors eye the Health and Fitness industry as a secure snapshot of a growing market, but also as a emerging trend.

Servicing used fitness equipment could very well be one of the fastest growing industries in the world as Health and Fitness awareness continues to fuel to the re-sale and servicing aspect of fitness equipment.

(IJRnews 9/19/2011) We are no longer a society where its, “Out with the old and in with the new,” but rather, the world recession has made most people change their ways to be more conservative and make well though-out purchase decisions.  Professional grade used fitness equipment is seeing a swell in service related contracts, in fact other countries are getting in on the fury.

International Journalism Review (IJR) was onsite  weeks ago to add to its coverage on this ever growing trend. This was the second year in a row that IJR attended the annual fitness convention in San Francisco, and this year it was busier than ever, even the surgeon General Vice Admiral was giving speeches.  IHRSA’s  30th Anniversary International Convention & Trade Show  was heldat the Moscone Center South in San Francisco.  IHRSA – the International Health, Recreation, and Sports Club Association – is the trade association serving the health and fitness club industry serving almost 9,000 health clubs in over 73 countries and more than 650 fitness industry suppliers.

IJR noted various used gym equipment giants praying on Advantage Fitness Products (AFP), rumored to be selling off its servicing department to a Japan based company, IJR was unable to confirm this, however, it was clear to most merchants at the event that this was factual.  History has often taught U.S. based companies that when foreign investment increases or concentrates on a given U.S. industry, that industry is poised for success. 

IJR spoke to a Culver City based Used gym equipment Company, Fitness Equipment King, and their owner of over 10 years , Max Laney.  Laney is a 10 year veteran in the fitness industry, and an apparent student of history standout, based on his recent moves.    The Fitness Equipment King owner and his close Ally, Mitch Arrington of WCS Fitness has recently significantly increased both of their servicing department, and is servicing used gym equipment for almost all of southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego.  Arrington told IJR that he will expanding WCS Fitness into Arizona and Nevada if the demand for the service of used fitness equipment continues to prosper.

During a phone interview, IJR asked the WCS Fitness owner about the recent change in business plan and how it seemed to be good timing with the rumors of AFP as they were considered the industry leader in the servicing of this type of equipment.  Arrington said, “I can see where someone could think I reacted to certain rumors in which I won’t discuss as this is a tight knit industry and I don’t partake in gossip when it comes to other peoples livelihood or business decisions. The truth is I have serviced the machines that we sell for over a decade, it just so happens that the demand for such service has increased enough to warrant me taking a risk and hiring additional staff.  I have added very well qualified staff to our elite used gym equipment service team to assure my customers are satisfied beyond the conclusion of the sale.”

IJR recognizes there are many qualified service technicians for fitness equipment and suggest that anyone wishing to use these services check out the service company’s qualifications. We found that it is even more important if they warranty their service and if they actually sell the equipment they service. With the ease of internet watchdogs, it is easy to look at reviews by customers as a further piece of mind.


Kelly Holt, Fitness Trainer & Journalist
Muscle and Fitness advisor / In Shape Magazine Columnist
International Journalism Review / http://www.InternationalJournalismReview.com
internationaljournalismreview@gmail.com / 347 882 4943

International Journalism Review
Kelly Holt, Senior Journalist


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