UFC and it’s matchmaker Joe Silva is simply the best

UFC’s Joe Silva has become the preeminent matchmaker in the sport of MMA

MMA powerhouses consisting of MMABAY News, ProFightNetwork (Google’s top-ranked MMA social site), and LV Sports all agree Joe Silva is the superlative MMA matchmaker.


(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 07, 2011 ) Las Vegas, NV – All three MMA icons declare Joe Silva has become the sports best at making key matchups in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). To be the best requires many things, but most of all, exciting fights that make you want to get out your wallet for the next one.

Easy to ridicule because it is an art and Monday morning quarterbacks have the pleasure of not having a job that relies on outcome entirely. Couple this with having to produce fights that retain the new fans of MMA, but more importantly keeps the loyal followers happy as well, and it is not a job most would really want. Although the UFC has had its share of boring fights in the past, according to most analyst, it is not a normalcy anymore.

There is however an argument that can’t be denied, the UFC is getting real good at putting together some awesome cards, and UFC 116 might be the best to date. On the same date where Chris Greenman’s Fight Net Radio hit ITunes top ten sports show, it seems fitting that all three MMA voices concur that 116 was UFC’s best ever.

IJR spoke to ProFightNetwork’s President and CEO, Chris Greenman, who told us “Well Joe has had about 116 fights to get this stuff down, so we should hope by now he does. Just kidding of course, he has done a real good job of making some exciting fights. You need to know the sport real well because of matchups, people get bored of a wrestling match, he has it down so these matches don’t go there all the time. At the same time I feel for him when he has to match up GSP and Anderson Silva because no one matches up against them and GSP can out wrestle Olympic caliber wrestlers, so it’s going to the ground and then we have 25 minutes of boredom, not Joe’s fault at all. Honestly UFC 116, best card ever, and six fights ago 110 was best to date, I am giving credit where credit is due, nice job Silva.”

IJR acknowledges that MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, however, even though talent continues to get deeper and the worlds thirst for blood and combat is never quenched, people do need to be recognized for jobs done in an exceptional fashion. IJR, MMABAY News, Pro Fight Network, and LV Sports all extol Joe Silva and his match making pre-eminence in the sport of MMA.

Raymond Hart Independent Journalist, guest columnist speaker, Columbia University

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