BAMMA USA in negotiations to purchase ProFightNetwork and it’s top ranked MMA social site

9/15/2011 This story was archived back to 2010 but is an indicator of the value of this rumor

ProFightNetwork overtakes Sherdog as the New MMA Forum

In only eight months of operation, and only a subsidiary of their business, ProFightNetwork (PFN) overtakes the biggest kid on the block for Google bragging rights when it comes to a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) forum.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 28, 2010 ) Las Vegas – ProFightNetwork Corp ( has the look of Face Book, and already retains bragging rights to being the home of the number one Podcasted sports show (According to Arbitron) in MMABAY Radio, so what is next? Led by the founder of the first original MMA social site, Chris Greenman, PFN overtakes another threshold in the top searched category in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

ProFightNetwork has crawled to the top when searching for a MMA forum, a place that has been homesteaded by some long standing MMA forums. If you are going to Google “MMA Forum” one will notice ProFightNetwork is one spot away from sole position.

Although International Journalism Review (IJR) has always followed PFN’s climb, it is particularly interesting that ProfightNetwork (PFN) doesn’t seem to be a forum focused site, but rather a MMA social site that offers unique content and has a high MMA based membership group. To the average web browser. It mostly comes across as a Face Book for contact sports fans and fighters, there are NFL super stars, boxing, and MMA greats that interact on the site. The site seems to also focus heavily on MMA training videos, which draws a lot of interest.

IJR caught up to Steve Haase (ProFightNetwork’s PR Director) of PFN to get his analysis on PFN’s rapid growth. Haase told us, “Chris Greenman is one of the most business proficient person I know, and he has crazy technical skills when it comes to the internet, it is kind of scary. I really have no clue how our MMA forum is ranked higher thenSherdogthe MMA boardsMMA playground, and a list of other forum sites that have been around for a decade. Also, I have a great amount of respect for those mentioned and it’s an honor to be sitting ahead of sites I use to be in awe of.”

“I know that our goal has always been to be a site for the fans, fighters, and the sport in general. We have stayed focused on that course, with that comes a lot of bad talk and misrepresentation of what we are doing. We simply don’t lie, however we do give facts and the truth can sometimes hurt. Most of all, we are not influenced one way or another by promoters, organizations, etc. We go through leaps and bounds to stay neutral for the sport of MMA. Lately, we have publically gave props to the UFC, The Florida State Athletic Commission, and many others; simply because it is deserved at times just like the bad things promoters, commissions, etc. need to be discussed as well.”

“People are coming to our forum simply because it’s not the 12-year-old kids’ trash talking, or uneducated bored people wasting typing space. It is not spammed nearly as much as some others, and most of all we don’t control it as to cleanse it. Too many forums do this and this is bad for the sport. If I am the administrator for a certain website that seems to talk only about one production or promoter, I shouldn’t be allowed to go in there and remove opinions and posts that I don’t agree with or that don’t entirely support the promotion or promoter. That is not a real forum, it is one-sided and biased, at ProFightNetwork freedom of speech is smiled upon and not deleted or turned away.”

When it comes to forums in the Mixed Martial Arts world, ProFightNetwork has put a stamp on its presence not only in the MMA world, but now in the MMA forum community as well.

Michael Gingino Editor In Chief
International Journalism Review
New York, NY 10100 (805) 807 7201

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