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Mass Bulk E-mail Software becoming necessity in today’s world

March 10, 2011 —
International Journalism Review (IJR) sought to investigate this trend and found there are many top players in the bulk e-mail software game such as Constant Contact, Mass Mail Software, Marketing-2000, and blast for traffic to name a few of the more recognized names in the business.

Out of the top 10 results from Google finds we decided to look at who had the longest history of presence in the bulk e-mail marketing software and hands down, got the go-ahead nod in that category with over a decade of service. Of the sponsored links, email unlimited, campaigner, and constant contact offered free trial periods which is a nice convenience for those wishing to test the waters. However, IJR was warned of these offers with many complaints of mandatory data sharing as a requirement and automatic renewals.

It seems more than ever that a well-developed e-mail marketing campaign is needed to improve and dramatically increase the effectiveness of an individuals or company’s Internet presence. Many of the products offered in part by almost all of the websites listed above was prospect mailer, prospect finders, auto responders, prospect removers, prospect verifier, prospect manager, and group mail plus. All of these combine to send bulk email and saves your email addresses, all while intelligently replying and removing unsubscribers from ones address lists. In addition, the software on some of these can verify e-mail addresses and removes invalid ones.
IJR feels that bulk e-mail marketing has become the preferred method of communication in today’s competitive online marketplace for several reasons, but most importantly because it works when using the right program. IJR recommends anyone considering buying such software to choose a company with a long history of presence and a verified reputation. It often helps to look at current reviews. For the purpose of our study we found to be the best overall pick.

The bulk e-mail marketing software should be easy enough for a child to learn but robust enough to satisfy the most experienced network administrator. If you’re not reaching existing and potential customers or members with your email marketing message, you can be assured that your competition will be. It might make sense to get on the bandwagon and see why, according to the USA Today, the demand for this product has quadrupled in last year.
Stacey Thompson, senior journalist
International Journalism Review Staff


Mistrial declared in killing of gay California student

By the CNN Wire Staff
September 2, 2011 1:26 a.m. EDT

Los Angeles (CNN) — A judge declared a mistrial Thursday after jurors said they were hopelessly deadlocked in the murder trial of a teenager accused of gunning down a gay classmate in their Southern California classroom.

Ventura County Superior Court confirmed the ruling in the eight-week trial of Brandon McInerney, who was 14 at the time of the shooting in 2008.

The nine-woman, three-man jury panel said its last vote resulted in seven in favor of finding the defendant guilty of voluntary manslaughter, CNN affiliates reported.

McInerney was tried as an adult on charges of first-degree murder, use of a handgun and a hate crime.

McInerney, now 17, allegedly shot 15-year-old Lawrence King, an eighth grader at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, twice while both were typing papers in a computer lab for their English class, authorities said.

King, an openly gay teenager, was seated in the middle of the classroom with two dozen students and their teacher when McInerney allegedly shot him in the back of the head, authorities said.

Friends said King was proud of being openly gay. He liked wearing jewelry and makeup to school, and he often wore high-heeled boots with the school uniform. He asked his teachers to call him Leticia instead of Larry. Some students bullied him, pupils said.

The prosecution alleged McInerney had planned to shoot King over unwanted sexual advances, and said that McInerney had white-supremacist leanings, according to affiliate KABC.

The defense contended McInerney had a violent upbringing. It also argued that King taunted and flirted with McInerney, ultimately sparking the fatal confrontation, KTLA reported.

The trial was held in Chatsworth, in neighboring Los Angeles County, because the defendant successfully sought a change of venue in the high-profile case, said Ventura County Chief Deputy District Attorney Mike Frawley.

CNN’s Michael Martinez contributed to this report.


MMABAY is sold to Mixed Martial Arts Powerhouse, ProFightNetwork

According to both and ProFightNetwork’s forum, ProFightNetwork (PFN) is merging with MMABAY.  Owners from both websites confirmed the purchase and merging on Sunday night July 10th via telephone call.

IJRnews contacted  MMABAY News  co-owner, Ciara Greenman, who confirmed the rumors. “We created MMABAY as a news source for the sport of mixed martial arts in Northern California’s Bay Area local fighters.  We decided to add other news besides just local StrikeForce stuff and the site kind of just took off.  ProFightNetwork has many ties to the Bay Area and they have always let us borrow their content which is first rate and uninfluenced.”

Per ProFightNetwork’s top rated MMA forum, the rumor was also confirmed by many users including the website’s owners post who said. “Yes it is true, the real MMABAY, the original MMABAY, is now officially co-owned by Pro Fight Network and although the agreement has been signed with Ciara Greenman and her guardian, the specifics haven’t been put to place.  Both of our websites are well branded, however our site is much more advanced from a website perspective.  For that reason we might rebuild MMABAY’s website.  Whatever the case the real winners will be the people that come to either site or both for that matter, merging the best MMA news with a Google top ranked MMA social site is a recipe for success.”

PFN reemerged in 2009 after its co-owner left his other MMA social network, MMAJACKED, which was co-owned with long time friend Chuck Liddell. The two had some business differences and PFN seemed to take off quickly when it passed placement on Alexia, PR, and other website traffic indicators of Liddell’s website within a few months.  PFN now claims bragging rights to numerous MMA Google top ten rankings in categories that include MMA forum, MMA social site, MMA social network, pro fight, MMA social sites, and numerous others.

This seems to be a merger of significance to the MMA world and it should be interesting to see the final product of this merger.

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ProFightNetwork buys MMABAY News

MMA social network giant Pro Fight Network purchases it’s ally MMABay in order to Streamline many of its marketing Efforts according to its owners and MMA forum.

According to both and ProFightNetwork’s forum, ProFightNetwork (PFN) is merging with MMABAY.  Owners from both websites confirmed the purchase and merging on Sunday night July 10th via telephone call.

IJRnews contacted  MMABAY News  co-owner, Ciara Greenman, who confirmed the rumors. “We created MMABAY as a news source for the sport of mixed martial arts in Northern California’s Bay Area local fighters.  We decided to add other news besides just local StrikeForce stuff and the site kind of just took off.  ProFightNetwork has many ties to the Bay Area and they have always let us borrow their content which is first rate and uninfluenced.”

Per ProFightNetwork’s top rated MMA forum, the rumor was also confirmed by many users including the website’s owners post who said. “Yes it is true, the real MMABAY, the original MMABAY, is now officially co-owned by Pro Fight Network and although the agreement has been signed with Ciara Greenman and her guardian, the specifics haven’t been put to place.  Both of our websites are well branded, however our site is much more advanced from a website perspective.  For that reason we might rebuild MMABAY’s website.  Whatever the case the real winners will be the people that come to either site or both for that matter, merging the best MMA news with a Google top ranked MMA social site is a recipe for success.”

PFN reemerged in 2009 after its co-owner left his other MMA social network, MMAJACKED, which was co-owned with long time friend Chuck Liddell. The two had some business differences and PFN seemed to take off quickly when it passed placement on Alexia, PR, and other website traffic indicators of Liddell’s website within a few months.  PFN now claims bragging rights to numerous MMA Google top ten rankings in categories that include MMA forum, MMA social site, MMA social network, pro fight, MMA social sites, and numerous others.

This seems to be a merger of significance to the MMA world and it should be interesting to see the final product of this merger.

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Googles latest algorithms command new SEO techniques

There are three facts in life; death, taxes, and that if your businnes is not on the front page of Google, you really don’t exist.  As demand rises so does the competition, this means dollar signs for Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts ( are only as good as their last successful client first page placement.  The most up to date techniques are needed to compete with the world’s best.  For instance, International Journalism Review (IJR) has found over the past three years, Emailwire has been our best distribution resource in addition to our internet news because they deliver first page results.

However, IJR wanted to investigate where do the SEO and web masters gather to share knowledge?  IJR did it’s own search engine investigation and searched for web master forums.  With that google search, we contacted the googles top spot,, and it’s leader Bill Pitman.

Asked to answer many questions Pitman told us this, “Google has two goals, first to give the searcher the safest, best, and most credible results and for that reason it assigns websites a Page Rank (PR). This is a rigorous ranking system that calculates traffic, page errors, spam, length of websites existance, original content, and many other factors.  Most of the billion websites in the world get a 0 page rank, decent ones get a 1, good ones get a 2, great ones get a 3, and those above are more elite.  There are very few websites above a 6 compared to number of websites.”

“The second goal of google is to make sure its advertisers are position as best as possible depending on their price paid.  It is equally important to not position natural ranking websites below paid websites for reasons stated earlier. The way around this is to position ad space in highleted area, or dedicated side bar space thus not interfering with the goals of the searcher.”

Finally, IJR then asked Pittmon the top three important factors that search engines look for today, “That is a good question because if you ask me next month my answer might change.  Page rank is obviously more important than an Alexa ranking because you can’t cheat googles own ranking.  Original content would be second, and I would put press releases along with content. Finally, how ones website is linked to keywords,  pictures, , other websites, and Googles own You Tube, play a strategic role.  Without giving away all my secrets and in a nut shell, it is best to be linked to websites with a PR that is equal to or higher then your own and how,where, and what keywords are placed on websites, videos and pictures plays a big influence.”

Finally IJR inquired about email marketing, in specific bulk email marketing, from a consumer position as well as a marketing position and Pitman told us this.  “Mass email marketing can be both a business’s best ally and a consumers most annoying thing to appear in their inbox.  It is important to use a bulk email software program that recognizes both of these needs.  I personally use which is Internet based and is compliant with all spamming laws.”

IJR learned that although many of the old SEO techniques still carry some importance, the use meta tags, social media, blogging, etc. play a much different role than it once did.  Google’s job is to try and stay one step ahead of the world of SEO experts in order to get the most advertising dollars possible.  SEO experts seem to welcome the challenge.

Thirty years ago a person would go to one or two doctors for almost any medical reason.  In today’s world there is medical specialist for almost every part of the human body.  The same can be said for computers and the Internet, 20 years ago there were few languages used by computers and the Internet was just starting to be used for business.  Today, computers and the Internet dictate business and the days of having one person build a company’s website and optimize it is almost extinct. It would be like asking a dermantologist to perform brain surgery in that he or she might know a lot about the medical field but is not a specialist in that area.

Joseph Cutter, International Journalism Review senior journalist


U.S. Presidents agree on the importance of energy to create jobs

Whether your conserving energy or just using it, Former President Bill Clinton suggest that it might be the way to creating millions of jobs in the U.S.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 28, 2011 ) President Obama, Former President Bill Clinton, and 2016 Presidential hopeful, Chris Greenman, all show signs of being complimentary on the significance of energy in one form or another.
Former President Bill Clinton laid out a tactful and pertinent plan that puts America back to work. His ideas were laid out a couple weeks back and not only acknowledges the importance of the useenergy to create jobs, he also list thirteen other ways to create jobs in the U.S. as well. Clinton specifically makes use of the Empire State building in New York City, and showed how it created thousands of jobs. This example showed how the state building cut electricity usage by almost 40%, thus saving millions in energy costs. If this example is used country-wide, it could create millions of jobs.
Clinton pointed out the need to enforce trade jobs. We are a country rich in natural resources such as coal, innovation such as computers, and a skilled and educated workforce. We can no longer accept labor costs as our only excuse to trade deficits, Clinton showed a study how the average U.S. acceptable minimum wage is .25 cents per hour, a number that was far less than many other countries.
According to MSNBC President Barack Obama does not fare well in popularity from the coal and gas industry because of his apparent obsession with eliminating numerous tax breaks and job elimination in the coal industry. Obama has been targeted by MSNBC of having his own war on energy, thus dictating its political importance.
Obama seems to take a hard-line stance on environmental concerns, favoring alternative energy and renewable energy without looking at the whole picture. Obama has gone back and forth in regards to his position with all three fossil fuels but has been reported as making bad judgments without knowing all the facts in the energy community. He takes this stance even though he continues to repeatedly endorse just the oil industry, keeping in mind it was the last source of the biggest man-made environmental disaster this world has seen possibly ever.
The Huffington Post and NY Times have repeatedly reported on a continued hole that Obama continues to dig himself in with regards to two-thirds of the fossil fuel industry, that being coal and now, natural gas as well. These are the three primary fossil fuels of the world, regardless of how bad we want to be able to rely on other sources.
Obama was an early proponent of natural gas until Cornell Professor Robert Howarth questioned the gas-for-coal solution by showing certain methane usages. Now natural gas is seen as being twice as greenhouse gas intensive as coal, and Obama has already showed signs of slamming natural gas in addition to coal use as much as possible or until cleaner energy could be proved.
Reduced energy use and coal-to-gas substitution could provide a bridge to a low carbon future, enabling us to move forward on climate change mitigation while we continue critical research on other more advanced technologies. Energy alternatives require close scrutiny for their range of impacts on the environment, the environmental effects of shale gas are no exception.
People can talk until they are blue in the face about offshore drilling, wind power, natural gas, and energy conservation. The short-term drift of history still dictates a heavy reliance on coal, in fact coal generates 45 percent of all electricity produced in this country. This fact alone creates a serious conflict of interest as the core of the President’s energy vision calls for switching our transportation system from oil to plug-in electricity. In other words, the world will run the real risk of merely replacing one polluting and increasingly scarce fuel, petroleum, with an abundant and environmentally troublesome one, coal.
Presidential hopeful, Chris Greenman seems to concur with the Bill Clinton suggestions and appears to be a pro energy advocate. Via his website,, he repeatedly shows support for the fossil fuel industry and wants to continue with the tax incentives currently adhered to by the tax code. In fact, he offered this industry of one of his top five ways to fix America.
Energy is and will continue to be a human necessity for years to come. Can it be used to create the millions of jobs as Clinton and Greenman seem to believe? Or are environmental concerns more important than certain basic human needs? IJR supports the quest for renewable energy and alternative environmental friendly energy, however, the opinions of IJR also understand the current human demands and resources available to fill those growing demands. The world should exercise caution in the speed they mandate new energy requirements and do proper research and testing before endorsing any new energy source.

Michael Gingino, Editor in Chief, International Journalism Review
(949) 533 – 8353 / (805) 764-1830


Company: International Journalism Review
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A very controversial Chris Greenman vows to secure the U.S. and run for U.S. President

Chris Greenman is anything but a prototype for a Presidential candidate, he will be the first to tell you.  The heart of his campaign fades out police officers, prison guards, changes firefighters to volunteers, and will send lawyers, clerks, and judges to practice alternative types of law.

(International Journalism Review, (IJR) 6/26/2011) Greenman’s plan also promises to completely overhaul our education system and to pay teachers as much as firefighters and police officers.  Best of all, he claims the average U.S. citizen will receive no less of services provided by these professionals, feel safer in their own homes, and have a vast amount of extra discretionary spending left over to place in areas of education, energy exploration, infrastructure, health care, and a vast amount of others as well.

He claims neither to be a Democrat or Republican, stating that both parties have some great ideas and some horrible ones.  Greenman’s Presidential vote history has included Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, and Bush Sr., indicating no loyalties to either party.  Chris Greenman told IJR that he plans to run in 2016 if he gets the support of mainstream America.

In fact, when IJR spoke to the Presidential hopeful he told us the reasoning behind his running, “Seinfeld was the funniest sitcom I can remember for one reason, it made fun of the truth.  The truth is funny and when uncovered can be educational.  Technology is our biggest alley, but as technology becomes newer and easily shared, it becomes a nuisance. We now can turn on National Geographic and have a narrated breakdown on how South America is using submarines to haul drugs to the U.S.  I just bought a $60 helicopter that takes video and photos up to five minutes in length.  The war on drugs is by far one of the most inferior ideas the U.S. has ever tackled, and the bad thing is, it costs the U.S more and more every year.  If you can’t beat them, join them, we need to save cops lives and capitalize on something people are going to do no matter what.  It simply needs to be taxed, just like alcohol. Hold people responsible for their actions if under the influence, just like alcohol.”  

“Bill Clinton, in my opinion, has come up with better ideas since he left the White House then when he lived there.  His latest contribution to Newsweek involved his thoughts and a outlined plan that would create jobs in this country, I found it to be brilliant. Even though politically it does send a bad message to fellow democrats, it makes sense and is one I already have endorsed and previously suggested in part.  In many ways, we both feel the need to focus on energy in many capacities as the future of this world we depend on it and the natural resources are key.”

“About forty percent of my family members are lawyers and I have enjoyed the monetary benefit of being a son of a successful father.  However, being wrongfully sued two times in my adult life, painted a clear picture of the pitfalls of our current civil laws and in particular tort law.  Under our current system, it makes sense to sue anyone anytime you possibly can if you can find a lawyer to accept your case.  The reason being, there is no risk to the accuser.  If the Plaintiff wins, there is obviously a financial reward and paying his/her lawyer 25-40% seems like a no-brainer.  If the Plaintiff loses, no harm no foul, and no cost.  With our current tort law the lawyers always win, and the Plaintiffs stand a high percentage of a chance of getting something monetary in the end, either by settlement or  judgment.  I have been told by some great attorney’s that 90% of these cases settle because the defendant can’t afford to go to trial and risk a jury’s decision, or it’s cheaper to settle then to go to court and rightfully defend themselves.”

On the home page of “Greenman For President,; the Presidential hopeful also wants to legalize online gambling in order to redirect billions of dollars back to the U.S. where according to 60 Minutes, is simply going from U.S. online gamblers to mostly European held online companies anyway.  Greenman also looks to continue with tax credits for energy production and the exploration of alternative energy. 

Finally, when asked how he plans on telling 80% of the firefighters they are laid off Chris Greenman told us this, “If you are back east for example, say at a town like Mount Sinai which is on Long Island, they run a 100% volunteer fire program with statistics to rival any paid program with identical geography and population.  Although many towns and small cities do this, it needs to be organized almost like a branch of the military.  It can be ran with equal or better results under the current system with a volunteer program mixed with some reserved paid positions and add college incentives with certain tours of duty.  I know too many firefighters that make a better living than most teachers just with their second job alone.  With the hours they work, it affords ample time for most firefighters to have other jobs.  This needs to be completely overhauled.”

While Chris Greenman and his presidential ideas may have been mentioned independently by others in the past, we have never had a candidate wanting to combine them all.  The ideas don’t seem to be rocket science but rather goal focused and non-political.  However one swallows this and wishes to decide, there does appear to be some gaining support. Announcing his idea just a week ago, he has already propelled over 1000 supporters on his self-made website where Greenman claims took him about an hour to make.  IJR has covered some of Greenman’s marketing and journalism related website work in the past, and that did influence the writing of this article.

Michael Gingino, Editor in Chief, International Journalism Review

(949) 533 – 8353 / (805) 764-1830

6/14/2011 cautions coal industry, more  explosions if companies ignore basic coal mine safety

Just over a year ago the mining industry experienced its worst catastrophe in over four decades, one year later, reminds the industry that recent increased demand, could present another calamity.

J. Davitt McAteer reported that he and his squad of the Governor’s self-governing examination Panel (GIIP) had blasted both Massey Energy Company and the regulators involved in what seemed to most people,  to be a very methodical examination of the events neighboring the massive explosion at Upper Big Ranch (UBB) which occurred on April 5, 2010.

The report explained that the explosion was caused by a spark from a portion of machinery which ignited methane gas, which in turn ignited explosive coal dust. Rock dust, which is used in mining to assist in making the highly explosive coal dust inert, had not been sprayed in the area of the explosions for quite some time.

International Journalism Review (IJR), contacted Bernard Fitzpatrick of New Century Coal, who actually originally reported this caution via their website.  Fitzpatrick stated that the current state of the economy mixed with the rising demand for coal point to disaster if you go through the McAteer report in detail.  Fitzpatrick stated,  “McAteer’s report also revealed that UBB sent production reports to Blankenship every 30 minutes, and if a report was late, they risked losing their jobs.  This is of grave concern as these days jobs are very hard to come by, so common sense tells us that sending production reports would take precedent over any safety concern that could delay it.”

Fitzpatrick also pointed out specifics regarding certain testimonies such as the statement presented by the “rock duster.” The miner responsible for rock dusting usually worked the midnight shift, according to his testimony before McAteer’s team, investigators from MSHA and investigators from the W.Va. Office of Miners’ Health Safety and Training. The miner, Nathaniel Jeter, told the investigators that rock dusting was a full time job at the mine, but he was always pulled off of the task to do construction jobs and jobs related to the production of coal. Fitzpatrick said it’s one thing to be multi-tasked, however, he concurred that it is a full time job that shouldn’t be broken up.

McAteer’s account listed several failures that led to the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion. Ventilation systems were not adequate or maintained. In addition water nozzles, which are planned to knock down sparks, were disabled or plugged on the mine’s long wall and on the shearers. Rock dust, which is supposed to be used to help inert flammable coal dust, was not used as it should have been. Fitzpatrick stated, “Fire safety 101 dictates to have adequate ventilation systems, and disabled water nozzles points to a lack of qualified safety personal in my opinion and it points to a natural problem if the coal industry tries to cut corners when hiring or loses focus because of the increased U.S. coal demand being generated from countries without natural resources.”

“The biggest problem I see is individuals in the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration and State Office of Miners’ Health Safety and Training keep losing staffing as the demand for coal continues to rise. This fossil fuel shows no signs of lost demand in the next 25 years if you side with the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and their predictions for coal continuing its position as the dominant fuel for power generation until 2035.  These predictions come even with the increased predictions of natural gas and renewable fuel utilization during the same time period.”

The world learns from history, in this case, it is stressed that the coal industry adhere to basic guidelines and protocol.  They should do this as if there was no governing agency watching over them,  but rather in the spirit of avoiding another tragedy and taking accountability for the safety of its workers. continues its award winning coverage of the 2010 International Journalism Honors it received for “Coal Energy as alternative energy tribute coverage and credit.”  Please e mail us your thoughts or suggestions for future topics of in-depth coverage.

Chris Sloan / Senior Journalist / M.S. Economics, Government focused

International Journalism Review / / 347 882 4943 or 949 533 8454


Global warming helps fuel profits for oil, gas, and coal producers

Investing in traditional fossil fuels might prove to be the smartest move an investor can make according to The Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) latest article on China’s growing demand.  Coal might move to poll position.

Many energy experts concur with the WSJ and add many additional factors to back up the argument that points to an energy investment as a “perfect storm.” The decrease in energy supplies along with the dramatic increase in world demand have been on the energy radar for the last decade.  However climate changes, developing economies, and the race for world power make the world’s bulk energy sources (fossil fuels) more valuable than ever.

In the last month the WSJ, USA Today, Bloomingburg, and Business Week have all reported about the events listed above signaling that coal is probably in the best position to making its move as the top choice for investors.  Even the S&P believes coal has become the lower-cost fuel of choice, particularly for utilities.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), coal prices should continue to rise in 2011, primarily in response to growing demand from the electric power sector. Coal remains by far the dominant fuel used for electricity generation, accounting for over 40% of worldwide electricity generation and over 50% of U.S. generation. In 2010, fully 92% of all coal consumed was used for electricity generation.

Clean coal research is not only on-going but it is making great strides, however, the worlds energy demand will dictate the role of coal, clean or not. Even when a fossil fuel such as coal gets a bad environmental rap, the world’s changing climate still assists in increasing the profits for it anyway.

Call it a hedge against inflation or a catch 22, but sometimes an industry’s biggest nemeses proves to be their top sales source.  With recent and well documented climate changes, plunging temperatures and record snowfall being a likely result of global warming, investors can add this to the growing list of increased demand for these essential fossil fuels.

International Journalism Review (IJR) sought the assistance of Daniel Rice, who not only has a stellar U.S. Stock-fund management track record over the last ten years, but successfully manages about 6 billion dollars in a mix of mutual funds, institutional accounts, and hedge funds.  Rice’s admitted specialty and talent has always been energy pricing.

History has taught humans many things, but in almost any animal kingdom or living society, the will and need to survive takes precedent over ethics and integrity if having to choose.  For this reason, the price determines the worlds choice for energy, and not the environment.

Rice said, “The current expanding global economy will probably push oil prices well above the $100 level. The gain may lift shares of oil and gas companies by 25 to 30 percent and help double the price of coal stocks, oil may rise high enough by 2012 to trigger a global economic slowdown, much as it did in 2008 when oil reached $145 a barrel.”

“If the world keeps growing at this rate, it strains the whole system,” said Rice, who believes an oil price between $85 and $90 a barrel is the most the world can tolerate for an extended period. “There just are not enough commodities to satisfy the demand.”

A seasoned and successful investor is usually ahead of the game and is already well versed in a situation as described above (this is sometimes called fuel switching by nations, meaning they will transition to other sources of energy when it becomes economical to go in favor of the other choice).

For investors, oil, gas, and coal seem to be a resource that shows signs of being an investment choice that has merits to warrant a serious look when it comes to investing ones money.  Whether its fuel switching by nations, drastic climate changes, or basic economics, these types of investments seem to be a smart choice in today’s world.

Chris Greenman / Independent Journalist

M.S. Public Administration & Finance

International Journalism Review


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Five Star Developments paint a grim picture when oil prices rise


Five Star Developments (FSD) unveiled various recognized oil and gas facts on Monday 5/23/2011 that apparently caught a great deal of public interest by its own investors.

Not even having the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as the bulk of the source provider of the information revealed to its own oil and gas investor pool could stop the clicking of the send button.   International Journalism Review (IJR) was contacted by over twenty five people via email within hours of Five Star Developments revealing some statistical facts regarding gas prices and its correlations to human longevity, a subject well documented and readily available to research.

The people were notified by the  Newsletter which is sent to all website registered investors, either existing FSD investors or general investors considering oil and gas ownership interest.  The exclusive newsletter is sent via e mail and standard U.S Post Office (to receive this free information, just provide the basic personal info on FSD website).

The bulk of the inquiries made to IJR was specifically to cover the statistical accuracy of the subject matter and suggested IJR should investigate other investments that might make people live longer.  The IJR staff found this fastidious response was out of the range of customary e mail inquires and feedback. In addition, the IJR staff  sensed a form of collaboration among the investors which would ignite any journalist to take a second look at the overall picture.

The purpose, ethics, and scope of journalism is a definitive line which is accepted by most reputable journalist and clearly marked in the middle, however, that changes often.  For this reason, IJR vowed to dig a little deeper, unveil some facts, and look for abnormalities in membership specific outlets ranging from fossil fuel investments to a vast amount of other “free membership” programs.

IJR will not focus on membership programs that require payment (not information only) to be a part of their “members only” society.  Examples of these would be Fraternities, Costco memberships, etc.

To begin the coverage IJR looks at common practices and standards in a industry before targeting suspicious activities that could mislead the public or goes against general ethics and integrity of our society.

It is common practice for accredited oil and gas development companies such as Five Star Developments to send out industry news information to its registered users.  Sending mail, e mail,  and supplying supervised unique and highly researched information is expensive and is considered a tangible asset.  Therefore these type of companies usually require some minimal personal information to be provided as a way to help ensure the provided information serves its purpose.

Ultimately a company such a s FSD wants to only give out this type of information to either an established investor, a potential investor, or someone genuinely interested in the specific industry news.  This could be a college student, professor, environmentalist, etc.  In addition, it also safeguards against underage investment activity, Spam, and other virus’s that can enter a system (platform) where there are less protocols.

IJR previously reported on New Century Coal (NCC), another highly consumer ranked fossil fuel developer.   NCC practices a similar approach, however, their company spokesman concurred with FSD and their reasoning, adding only that it ultimately helps dissuade competition from pirating some of the business sensitive material provided to these investors.

IJR will follow its investigation in “members only” societies with a look at the increase of U.S. deaths on U.S. oil fields, almost 600 between 300 and 2007

Christian Jett / Senior Journalist / M.S. University Of Columbia

School of Journalism / government & Policy expert

International Journalism Review / / 347 882 4943 or 949 533 8454

ProFightNetwork Announces overall top MMA pound for pound in the world

By ChrisGreenman on May 13, 2011

This is perhaps the toughest job a MMA expert has to do, and that is, pick the top 10 for 10 pound for pound MMA fighters in the world. Too many factors to be a science but based on the my experience, training, and the resources that aided in this poll this is pretty good stuff and should be gospel.


10. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida (17-2)

Coached by Steven Seagal and KO ed “The Natural” had a couple bad fights just like GSP has with Hughes and Matt Sera (who is that you may be wondering)?

9. Jon Fitch (23-3-1)

This do is a no thrills all business stud, and deserves to be in this elite group, if you need more info than that, you probably still think Gracie Ju Jitsu rues MMA and Royce is making a comeback

8. Cain Valazques (9-0)

The heavyweight champion of the world has not been challenged and has beat good fighters, oh and he gets better and better in each fight. Other then his short 9 fight undefeated tenure, there could be arguments for a much higher postion

7. Gray “The Bully” Maynard (10-0-1)

He simply doesn’t lose and has fought studs, why is Edgar ahead of him?

6. Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (13-1-1)

A champion in a stacked division, only one loss, do the math.

5. Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz (17-1)

His only loss was when he fought at a weight he didn’t belong in, do the math once again.

4. Jose “Junior” Aldo (19-1)

A certified weak division division, but no one can question his speed, power and agility, along with near impeccable timing and technique.   In fact, he’s defended his title all of three times and there is already talk that he’s cleaned out his division.

3. Jon “Bones” Jones (13-1)

College All American wrestlers cant tak him down, reminds me of a Chuck Liddell that is actually an athlete, scary! His size, combined with his rising skills, make for one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.  The stacked 205 weight class is already out of a formidable opponent for this phenomenological specimen.

2. Georges “Rush” St. Pierre (22-2)

This is simple, he is the smartest and most diverse fighters in the game.  The best wrestler that would rather just stay on his feet, he beats everyone even if it isn’t pretty.  Matt Sera landed a punch that would connect one out of a million times.  When GSP fought Mat Hughes in was star struck to be in the ring and gave Hughes the fight the first time.  Other then that tack on 20 wins and not to mention he made Josh Koscheck look like a villain from a scary movie, tooled BJ Penn like a red-headed step child, and just beat Jake Shields who hadn’t lost in 3 years with only one eye.  Call it what you will, my $ goes on GSP even if he has lost his eye of the Tiger per Matt Hughes latest blog.

1. Anderson “The Spider” Silva (28-4)

Coached by the pony tail movie legend Steven Seagal as well as Machida, he is clearly Hard to Kill.  I defy you to find a flaw in his resume within seven years. His UFC career is the most impressive in the history of the entire promotion. 13 fights, 13 wins. He has never lost in the UFC. Eight title defenses at middleweight and two displays of mastery at light heavyweight. This man has basically done everything there is to do in the UFC, including making Forrest Griffin cry and go wee wee all the way home. Gael Sonnen got close, but being influenced by drugs has made that fight lose its luster.


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Asia’s growing oil and gas consumption guarantees decades of osddependence

Although Deloitte Touche has credited great strides in our quest for alternative energy, Five Star Developments ( reminds investors that oil and gas is still expected to dominate the energy market for the next 25 years.

A Five Star Development’s spokesman, Torker Rellis, told International Journalism Review (IJR), this “Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited has released its 2011 Oil and Gas Reality Check report, and the study finds that the powerful oil and gas industry still accounts for the vast majority of energy consumption and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our world is growing quickly and it will continue to outpace some of the alternative fields of exploring power and energy.”

Torker reiterates to investors that Deloitte Touche has built its reputation on forecasting futures with a solid backing of facts, therefore Torker feels it makes sense to consider their findings paramount in deciding where to invest.  Couple this fact with the record number of licenses issued for off shore drilling and it becomes apparent that not even a spill of the magnitude of last summer’s BP spill can slow the constant quest for drilling for more oil.

Deloitte Touche and its own report also offer that oil investments along with natural gas well sales will rise parallel to these findings, some experts feel that coal is next in line for this demand. Experts presume that consumption rates will increase in accordance with the lower expenses of cars and growing global population.

The BP Horizon spill created $35 billion in liability for the company. Costs associated with clean up and new safety regulations will be absorbed and BP and other giant oil companies will continue to search for new resources in deep-sea locations. The Deloitte Study pointed to the recent granting of 356 exploration licenses for the North Sea  as evidence that deep-sea exploration is thriving and profitable. That amount is a record high for the number of licenses granted in the area.

Newly discovered shale gas is creating a shift in the natural gas market. The report predicts the unconventional gas will demand new markets and fundamentally change the industry in the United States and Canada where new technologies are allowing drillers to tap into previously unreachable sources. Fracturing and steam infusion processes make it possible to separate and extract oil and gas from the rock and sand deposits found in North America.  Five Star Developments is exploring these options as alternatives to their traditional oil and gas production.

There has been extensive work with oil well fields in multiple shale formations. Investors should look at in depth consultation regarding oil investments and investing in oil as part of their portfolio for oil and gas investments. These projects at hand include multiple fields in varying states and they tend to be parallel with the growing market for both oil and natural gas.

Asia is also playing a significant role in the traditional fuel industry, in fact many experts believe Asia is the turning point for the fuel industry. Chinese and Indian oil companies are becoming increasingly aggressive in their pursuit of upstream acquisitions to help meet an exploding demand for energy in their countries, this is a clear sign of the importance of oil and natural gas according to Torker from five Star Developments.

Senior director of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, Kalpana Jain, said, “Asia’s share in the growth demand for hydrocarbons has risen substantially while that of the OECD countries and the European Union has declined.”

Growing populations, economies and the subsequent rising demand for fuels has kept oil prices trending higher according to this study. Even though western nations have seen a dip in prices, the influence of Asian countries has held oil prices up. Russia is also investing in exploration as it focuses on increasing exports to Asia.

Deloitte’s report is based on a compilation of interviews with their member firms’ senior energy practitioners, clients and other energy industry analysts. The study concludes that despite concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and foreign oil dependency, oil and gas are still central figures in the energy world and will hold that position for years to come. Major advances have been achieved in alternative fields, but those sources will lag far behind oil and gas in terms of the percentage of power they supply to a quickly growing world.

Company: International Journalism Review (
Contact: Chris Sloan / Senior Journalist / M.S.
Phone: 8058077201
Email: InternationalJournalismReview[@]

Energy Department confirms the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of Coal

Even with the world’s growing effort to control coal use because of environmental concerns, China and India have little alternative options that will offer immediate relief, where will they turn and at what cost?

(IJR news 5/9/2011) According to the New York Times (Energy and Environment May 9, 2011) and, coal is the most important fuel producing electricity in the United States and around the world, but it is also the most controversial. As the greatest source of carbon dioxide of all fuels, environmentalists say it is critical to reduce the world’s dependence on it in order to stem global warming.  However great this sounds, it is anything but realistic.

Some experts believe that Coal’s preponderance is a reason why the U.S. Government invests and encourages private efforts in carbon capture and sequestration efforts to lesson coal’s impact on climate change.  However, these same experts think a breakthrough is several years away at best.

If this breakthrough is in the distant future, it would give the U.S. world control in a area many people never even thought of.  Coal has many of the characteristics that investors and speculators would deem as a “sleeping giant”.  In addition, its present and future uses make it a key ingredient for the foundation of any world power.

History has taught the world that, not having to rely on trade or to buy key natural resources from other Nations, has always been a sign of power and wealth. Wealth can sometimes substitute natural resources as we have seen with Saudi Arabia, Japan, and other nations with little to no natural resources.  However, the U.S. seems to be in a position to have both. Could this be the beginning of a blindsided energy power shift?

While coal is contentious, coal consumption is growing, and is seen as a longer term answer to basic human needs until a replacement can be found or alternative energy efforts produce results to generate mass energy.

According to a recent U.S. Energy Department study, world coal consumption could increase by 70 percent between 2010 and 2030. Its share of world energy consumption could increase over that period from 27 percent to 29 percent.

As the economies of Asia, particularly China, rebounded from the 2008 global slowdown, their imports of coal soared, pushing prices up. By 2010, China was using half of the six billion tons of coal burned each year, and the price had doubled over five years.  This is a statistic that can be a lifeline if one is involved in the coal industry in any capacity, even being a U.S. citizen alone, as this natural resource will trickle down in the big economic picture.

The Energy Department reports that substantial new coal-fired capacity will come on line after 2015 in the United States, even though natural gas is presently the preferred choice for new generating capacity. But China and India should account for nearly 80 percent of the predictable boost in world coal production over the next two decades. One reason for all the expected growth is the profusion of coal reserves around the world, including the United States, which is sometimes called the Saudi Arabia of coal.  This demand and basic human need might outweigh environmental concerns, especially if ways to curb the emissions are founded.

Coal is mined, often by stripping the trimmings off mountains that can cause water contagion. The coal industry says that it has improved its practices to defend the environment, and that restoring land troubled by strip mining in a vital part of the mining process. Environmentalist might want to embrace this industry as it could be the eventual source of addressing other environmental concerns as the U.S. Government has already showed signs that is fully aware of their hidden black diamond which other still call coal.

Brent Casey  / International Journalism Review Senior Editor


Web Optimizing company guarantees’ your business

on the first page of Google

( January 18, 2010 —

(January 18, 2011 New York, NY) Although cost varies dependant on what keyword or sequence of keywords the customer is striving for it seems more important than ever in this internet world to have a prominent position for your business. According to USA Today, more people watch TV and video via the computer and internet versus the traditional way by regular TV (October 17th, 2009 USA Today, 51% via internet, 49% through traditional TV). Analytic stats produced by show that statistically 87% of people searching for things never go past the first page of Google. About 5% of searchers

make it to the second page, and only 1% to the third.

International Journalism Review (IJR) spoke to the owner, Bill Pitman, of Entrab Networks via Skype (as that is how he likes to communicate and verify who he is talking to) and asked him how he can guarantee this with the billions of websites in the world and Pitman told us, “I was doing SEO when SEO wasn’t cool, now I can walk into a bar and tell a girl that I can get their business to the top of Googleand they are hooked. Just kidding, but in reality it is an art to optimizing a website, there are many things involved, if the person that is doing your website is not up to date in what search engines, spiders, advertisers, spammers, etc are looking for, it can be a disaster for their business. Even more so if I am the one doing your competitions website because once my client’s site past you up they will stay in front.

“Not to sound arrogant, but I teach webmasters and SEO professionals around the world many of my secrets of SEO for free on my website, but not all my trade secrets are revealed. That website is ranked in the top 20,000 in the world however it’s more of a hobby or a good deed for me, but it has actually turned into a very popular website for webmasters, SEO specialist and others to hang out. I have started SEO contest for keywords just to see who really has what it takes to be a SEO master today, not a year ago. The winners get huge prize money and most of all bragging rights to be a top placer out of literally, 100 or more of the world’s best going head-to-head, which in turn makes them valuable to businesses.”

Entrab Networks has built major sites, and has placed them in prominent position throughout all search engines. Although Pitman tries to always keep a low profile and respect his client’s privacy, he does brag about his current SEO project with UFC legend Randy Couture’s coveted pharmaceutical supplement, XCAP. His other worthy mentions are a MMA social site powerhouse and MMA forum, a Livermore chiropractor who he describes as a miracle doctor, in Dr. George Khoury, and also let us know that he moved WCS fitness to the first page of Google in a matter of 2 weeks from not even being on the first 50 pages when people searched for remanufactured gym equipment or refurbished gym equipment (the two biggest key words for that industry).

A few things are apparent according to statistics and to this SEO guru. First, people in this day and age seek the internet when looking for many businesses and often use unarguably the most popular search engine which is Google (according to the Government’s own Internet oversight committee). Second, with the growing number of websites all jockeying for first page bragging rights on Google or maybe other search engines, your SEO specialist might just be the most important person in your marketing and advertising decisions.

Mike Gingino, Senior Editor in Chief

International Journalism Review

More information can be found online at

MMA Social Network powerhouse unleashes it’s newest MMA forum

February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011 — Pro Fight Network Incorporated launched its all new Beta version website about two weeks ago and it is has been surpassing expectations according to the websites CEO, Chris Greenman. In a earlier report, the CEO explained the websites technology is state-of-the-art mixed with the same content ingredients that has made the site a front runner in the mixed martial arts world, being bold and honest. Combine this with the number one broadcasted MMA show on the Globe with Fight Net Radio (which is five years running), and expectations are set.

MMA Social Network powerhouse unleashes it’s newest MMA forumWelcome Vist Our WebSite:

ProFightNetwork has held bragging rights to the top placement in Google MMA categories such as MMA social sites, MMA social site, Pro Fight, MMA forum, & a vast amount of other Google keyword phrases for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.
International Journalism Review (IJR) caught up with the founder and CEO of ProFightNetwork Chris Greenman and asked him to fill us in on the new forum and the entire website overhaul. Greenman said, “We have always had a forum, it just wasn’t set up real clean and smooth like it is now. We use a Vbulletin platform which is literally the best in the industry. We were able to merge our previous forum into this one so people can go way back on topics or start new ones.”

“The new website overhaul included primarily adding news from a perspective of industry experts that are really unbiased in the sport. You won’t see us just reporting UFC or just StrikeForce or just Bellator. We are about the sport and its integrity and much like our radio show, we are just going to bring straight forward news with no BS. The last thing left to do on the website is to launch our store which should be happening within a few days, the thing I like best about the new store is the way we affiliated ourselves with a wholesaler. Not only will our users get vast discounts on almost any MMA gear imaginative from all brands, but they will get additional savings by going through our website, it’s the way we designed it that makes it exciting.”
Going through the new website the IJR staff noticed the continued use of instructional videos, featured videos, the new MMA forum, and the constantly updated, MMA pound-for-pound best in the world section.

More information can be found online at

Google’s top ranked MMA Social Site gets a complete makeover

San JoseCaliforniaUnited States of America ( January 31, 2011 — However, just like we have seen since the launch of this mega MMA website, things change and the staff and company change with times. CEO Chris Greenman specializes in internet marketing, and in his opinion the change was well overdue.

1 2 Google's top ranked MMA Social Site gets a complete makeoverGoogle’s top ranked MMA Social Site gets a complete makeoverWelcome Vist Our WebSite:

Pro Fight Network Incorporated ( launched its all new Beta version website on 1/27/2011 and it is delivering on all cylinders according to Google analytic s. From the Word Press back end to the Vbulletin forum, the websites technology is state of the art mixed with the same content ingredients that has made the site a front runner in the mixed martial arts world. Combine this with the number one broadcasted MMA show on the earth with Fight Net Radio (Which is five years running), and we are witnessing the rebirth of dominance.

International Journalism Review (IJR) caught up with the founder and CEO of ProFightNetwork Chris Greenman and asked him to fill us in on the website overhaul. Greenman said, “I have been around MMA for a long time and I am specifically tied into it with the fighters and fans. More importantly, I understand the internet and what people want; these days they want a one stop shop and you better be able to connect to Twitter, Facebook, etc. My good friend and Webmaster William Pitmon called me and informed me he was changing the site, I was like okay I trust you but I gotta run it by the officers in the company. Within a day we had the go-ahead and the work began some three months prior to our newest launch.”

“We designed the new look, feel, and functionality to suit today’s internet savvy users. We are about two days from launching our all new state-of-the-art forum which will be updated literally every five minutes with updated MMA news from all sources. So unlike most websites, people can get the USA Today version of MMA news while contributing to the forum. Our members can mingle on there or go to our featured stories, latest news, or rumors section and communicate along there as well. It is a MMA social network, MMA forum, and MMA social site built for the fans, fighters, and our community.”
Going through the new website the IJR staff noticed the continued use of instructional videos, featured videos, and one of the most popular sections is the MMA pound for pound best in the world section. The Fight Net Radio hosts combine their opinions with those of USA Today, Inside MMA, & a list of other credible MMA insiders to come up with their top MMA pound for pound lists. As always they promise to deliver a list that is non-biased and uninfluenced.

It also appears that ProFightNetwork has gotten away from banner affiliate ads and most advertising in general which is a refreshing look in today’s world of flooded and often over advertised websites. Chris Greenman also informed us that within a week their affiliated mixed martial art store will be live where people can go and pretty much get any item from any clothing line in the market in one stop and with special discounts if referred by ProFightNetwork.
For questions and comments regarding the newest launch feel free to comment on the articles, posts, and forum or contact Chris Greenman directly at ChrisGreenman@live dot com.
Michael Gingino / Editor in Chief / International Journalism Review

More information can be found online at


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