Brian Rose makes a dauntless statement in his NASCAR circuit comeback

Brian Rose makes a dauntless statement in his NASCAR circuit comeback

Brian Rose Motorsports (BRM) golden child, Brian Rose,  has been re-born after a 10-year sabbatical to the sport he seems to be a natural at.

( 4/17/2011) Brian Rose has made it a habit of making mouth dropping impressions.  From his rookie year some ten years ago, where many believed him to be the next Earnhardt, to this year’s Talladega Superspeedway 3 Amigos 250, Brian is the walk-on-athlete every coach prays for.

Rose has been described by some columnist as a part-time driver.  But like a Major League Baseball designated hitter, he doesn’t have to play the full game to make an impact on the outcome. Rose may have lacked the most dominant or fastest car on the Talladega racetrack, but Brian Rose made up for it in raw skill, veteran patience, and a poised finish. Brian Rose climbed 12 positions during the final lap, to turn out a 7th place finish.

After several practice runs and only qualifying in 19th position, Rose knew his car was missing a little something.  The recent body change decision raised questions by Rose and his team as Rose indicated on his post qualifying interview[i].  However, Thursday afternoon with Friday race time is too late for drastic changes and you got go with what you got.

Rose did just that, knowing his only edge that he could utilize was taking advantages of drafts and being among the group, he relied on talent and poise versus pure vehicle as many top sponsored racers are afforded.  Rose told IJR if he was made aware of the white flag or had there been one more lap, the BRM driver would have most likely saw a top three finish.

Brian rose is no stranger to racing anything that has wheels and has been regarded as a gifted driver with endless potential.  Recently, Rose has pledged himself to focus on racing with the same passion that led him to the sport to begin with.  At only 31 years of age, and the obvious professional driving skills at hand, top NASCAR / ARCA drivers might be staring at the tail lights of Brian Rose sooner than anticipated (or at least the stickers that look like taillights as NASCAR vehicles have no operational headlights or taillights).

In the racing world where a mere second determines the cream of the crop from the rest, NASCAR fans apparently have something interesting to follow as with just a little added horsepower they could be witnessing the calm before the storm when it comes to drivers to watch out for.

Raymond Anthony Spears, Senior Journalist, NASCAR content editor

International Journalism Review /

502 298 5646  /


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