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What Does A Hero Look Like To You


My early heroes had super powers. Then my heroes had athletic skills that shined in clutch moments. Eventually, my heroes became those that put their lives on the line for our safety and freedom, and those that save lives.

Today, my modern day heroes, include individuals I can point out to children and say, “you can be just like him/her when you grow up.”  These modern day heroes are a lot like our foundering fathers and other notable leaders throughout our history.  Individuals that care more about others than their personal gain.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure to listen to a couple of men, who I consider to be modern day heroes.

These individuals are in the minority.  Individuals willing to climb the mountain, not because they want to, but because the mountain must be overcome before change can happen. Let me explain.

The first gentleman is concerned about his children’s education.  The academic scores for the school district his children attend are in the lower portion compared to other school districts in the state. He finds this unacceptable.  He discovered no one on the school board has children in the schools. There was no representation for the voice of parents.

He had two choices.  He could find other parents and form an entitlement group.  They could meet and complain about how it isn’t right.  Their children deserve the same education as the school districts with higher academic scores.  While misery does love company, he knew that would not accomplish anything. His other option was to take action.

With no experience in politics and no knowledge of how the electoral process works, he decided to run for a seat on the board of directors.  He went to the County Registrar’s Office and learned how to get his name on the ballot.  He began attending local community meetings, talking with parents, participating on panels.  His desire to make a difference in the status quo began to take notice.  He received an endorsement from the largest newspaper in the district.

Unfortunately, he lost to the incumbents in the election. He did receive more votes than each of the three incumbent city council members that won re-election.  (My guess is he got the most votes from voters with kids in school.)

All was not lost. He educated parents that previously only participated in entitlement groups. Sharing your dissatisfaction with others that are dissatisfied will not change anything.  He has demonstrated if you want change, you must take action. He has put the school board on notice.  He has become a role model for parents and students.  He has grown as a leader.  He has learned new things.  He has discovered how the process works.  He knows what he can do differently next time to improve his results.  He has gained community support.  He knows in defeat, he is not defeated.  This is just the beginning.

The second individual cares deeply about his community and the people that live in it. Several years ago, a local police substation, in his community was closed to save the city about $32K.  Around the same time, the City Council approved a bonus, three times that amount, for a retiring city employee.

Like the above modern day hero, he found this unacceptable. He also chose action over the comfort of shared misery offered by entitlement groups.

With no prior political experience, he ran for city council.  He attended community meetings and participated in community activities. He used online polls to get residents’ opinions.

He used his outrage to educate others on what was happening and shared his plan on what to do about it. He asked those that felt the same outrage to vote for him, so he could begin to correct some of the wrong doing. His platform was working for the people, not campaign-supporting special-interest groups.

Out of the 3 spots, he was fourth, losing by a small margin.  A fourth seat became available as a council member was elected for another office. Rather than appoint him to the seat as the next highest vote-getter, the council appointed someone else.

With his growing group of supporters, and fueled by his outrage, he ran again in the next election.  After his narrow defeat in the previous election, to incumbents with strong financed campaigns, in his second attempt, he emptied his own pockets to fund his campaign – and was elected to the city council.

Winning a seat on the city council wasn’t the finish line. He continues to consistently attend meetings, educating others.  Individuals wanting change cannot use their lack of knowledge, resources and/or time, as excuses to do nothing.

Both of these modern day heroes echo the same message.  All politics are local politics.  If you want to make a difference, you need to take action.  If you don’t know the answers, you need to seek them out.  You need to become informed.  You need to be registered to vote.  You need to vote.  If you don’t like big business and the wealthy getting the breaks, you must step up.  If you cannot financially support a candidate that wants to fight for you, you must volunteer.  Share the candidate’s message with your friends and neighbors, your associations, your club members, and others.  Help distribute flyers.  Get your children to help.

When we are controlled by others, life loses its luster, and we are destined for mediocrity. The more we expect the government to provide for us; the less we attempt to do on our own. We become a shell of our potential. We become a society of sameness and sadness.

Each of us have a natural desire to rise up from our circumstances, to reach our goals, to fulfill our potential.  This natural desire is what fuels freedom.

Our freedom didn’t come by luck or happenstance.  It came by conscious intent and courage.  The courage of people to be themselves and the discipline to direct their energies towards a higher purpose – serving others.

We owe it to those that gave us our freedom and to be able to pay it forward, to stop wishing it was easier and start wishing we were better.  Instead of demanding more pay, we must create more value. Instead of fitting in, seek to stand out.  Instead of focusing on the problems, focus on the solutions.

The two modern day heroes above are doing just that.  If they can do it, you and I can do it.

Remember there is greatness within you.  You have to choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own.

If you’d like perspective on changing your thinking, I can help you.

Your partner for success,

Bryan M. Balch
Certified Life Coach

“ALL change begins with one person’s vision – a desire for something better.”


Newport Beach Doctor teaches about latest advancements in implants

Orange County is home to the Housewives and of course is home to some of the top doctors in the world for two reasons, the climate, and the number of people that do whatever it takes to look their best.

Dr. Michaelis is one of the most sought after dental implant dentist in Newport Beach and is an educator and patient advocate in the field of oral surgeons.

Dr Thomas Michaelis offered IJR NEWS the below article

With the latest advancements in dental implant technology it is now possible to have your Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon remove a non-restorable tooth, place a dental implant and then have a temporary crown attached to the implant all in the same day! Gone are the days where you had to wait 6-12 months before the dental implant was ready to use. The newer implant designs now allow for immediate loading. It still takes some time for the implant to integrate with your jaw bone before the permanent crowns can be made, but the overall treatment time has been significantly reduced!


BMW is being sued for documented faulty odometer readings

In this picture according to the odometer 

the car can go 711 miles before refueling.

In Orange County, California, a long time BMW loyal owner is suing BMW for what the owner claims is a lease that turned into a cash cow for BMW.  The BMW enthusiast said this particular 528i just went sour, and eventually blossomed to lemon that carried a heavy price tag with its “magic miles” it accumulated by lease end.

With an alleged out of control odometer, and irrational driving habits brought to the attention to the plaintiff by her longtime accountant, things just didn’t add up.

(IJR News exclusive March, 20,2012) According to an IJR News interview with R.M. Greenman, the plaintiff in this case, she lives one mile from her daughter’s school and works out of her Newport Beach home. She hasn’t been on a major road trip since the economy went bad and hardly ever drives because of the proximity to her daughters school and that she works from home.  Over the course of 2 1/2 years, her BMW 528i cars odometer claims she accumulated over 70,000 miles.

The car, which was repeatedly  brought into the BMW dealerships countless times, was never really address in any capacity according to the plaintiff. In Fact, R.M states that at around 25,000 miles the cars odometer was getting 54 MPG (captured by her cell phone on many occasions), in which BMW confirmed, documented, and fixed “the malfunction.”

Although this owner has owned several BMWs in the past and has never made such claims, she feels she was dealt the ultimate lemon and only agreed to talk to IJR News in order to bring this to the attention of other lease owners that might have been victim to the same type of situation.

The Plaintiff told IJR this, “I asked the dealership to simply give me a new lease with a different car at around the 20,000 – 25,000 mile range (I even called corporate), I made every payment on-time for the entire period of the lease, but I feared driving the car every day.  The worst part is that I could never enjoy the car in almost any capacity and at the end of the lease, I was asked to pay an enormous amount because of the bodacious miles.  I must be in the wrong business, if I could lease cars and get an extra 50k miles added on at the end, it would be a no-brainer .”

Even after over five times of bringing the vehicle into BMW service, BMW and its technicians claimed they couldn’t find the problem. Although documented service records indicate that BMW claims to have fixed a miles per hour signal on the vehicle when it was reading close to 60 miles per gallon in its calculations, the final explanation was  “that it would not affect anything else?” The plaintiff, having a PhD from Stanford in engineering repeatedly claimed to have challenged the technicians and service managers on this improbable explanation, and simply asked “how could it not affect anything else?”

When finally turning the car in at 70,000+ miles the owner claimed to have the original tires, with the exception of one tire being replaced due to a roadside hazard, BMW has argued they are all different tires, yet carfax can’t find such tire purchases other than the one tire the Plaintiff claimed was replaced. Everything else on the car was in its original condition including brake pads, belts hoses, and provided date stamped pictures of an engine that looked factory fresh when vehicle was turned in. The plaintiff in this case feels that she is not alone. In fact, she feels that there are probably several people out there in which this has happened to and it’s possible that with a odometer malfunction on this model, BMW can benefit financially in a fairly very sophisticated fashion.

BMW has denied this claim and in fact after the vehicle was turned in, BMW hired an expert witness to drive around the car and test the alleged accusations. This of course only creates a even more indistinct view, as a chain of custody has been breached from the previous owner. In Journalism, we compare these types of tests as to having a drug dealer test the narcotics he got arrested for without the cops overseeing the operation. When a customer turns in a vehicle for any kind of service or especially at the termination of a lease they obviously also lose control of whatever happens to that vehicle.

IJR news asks any BMW owner that has experienced a similar situation to contact us immediately and we will forward your information to the plaintiff and her lawyer in order to entertain the possibility of a class action or simply add witness if this case goes to trial . In this case THE BICKEL LAW FIRM, INC. a California attorney firm that specializes in lemon law lawsuits,  has taken this case and is preparing for trial if the case can’t be settled in the next few weeks.

IJR News is a consumer advocate company and simply brings various articles, whether submitted to us for evaluation or investigated  by our staff, to the forefront of World-class news.  We encourage all readers to confirm facts on anything you read on the internet and or print.

V.P. IJR NEWS – Senior Journalist – contact


The 12 Worst Tattoos of 2011


Although their purses all cost over $800, there is nothing classy about having a Louis Vuitton tattoo on your arm.

Your vagina may be beautiful, but your tattoo is not! (Link)

I don’t think this is Kosher.

A full back tattoo on a 49-year-old mom is definitely a no-no.

Cathy Ward, a supermarket worker from Reading, braved 22 hours in thetattoo artist’s chair after months of saving £2,000 to put permanent reminders of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on her skin.
How do you ever lead a normal life after getting this tattoo?
I don’t believe it will be sucked anytime soon.

Film buff Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic enjoyed the film about Erin Brockovich so much he got 82 tattoos of Julia Robert’s FACE permanently etched all over his body.

This is by far the best way to get back on your cheating girlfriend: leave her with a mark on her back that she will remember forever. There’s actually a very interesting guy who did this. He goes by the name of Ryan L. Fitzjerald, a tattoo artist from Dayton, Ohio, who had the unfortunate luck to find that his girlfriend cheated on him and decided to pay her back in a most original way: he gave her the worst tattoo one can have – poop!

Totally NSFW (Click on the link for a non-censored version if you must).



Identity theft thrives on automated online bank loan modification programs

If your part of the wave of thousands of American homeowners looking to modify a home mortgage loan, we understand your excitement, and so do they.

(International Journalism Review (IJR) 6/31/2010) IJR offers the good and the bad about online schemes that could yield something other than a loan modification. Last month we looked at some red flags in current loan modification software and now we turn to even a darker side in an industry that preys on people that need help and are willing to believe almost anyone to get it.

Numerous camouflaged websites appearing to be associated with a government program asking for information not even relevant to a bank loan modification initially caught our interest. However, IJR was not prepared to give up social security numbers and other vital information to test waters.  One victim who contacted us, a 67 year-old retired teacher from Anaheim, California, whose name wishes to be anonymous, stated she trusted the website because it seemed to be a patriotic website, however, the end result was identity theft, no loan modification, and about 30 hours on the phone trying to clear her name, she told us,  “The website had Uncle Sam, the American Flag, and stated government backed programs.”


We turned our attention to an industry pioneer in modification loans, John Briggs, from Bank Ready Modification Inc. ( John promised to offer us a fool-proof way to prevent identity theft in regards to automated loan modifications and how the information is collected over the internet.

From a Starbucks Coffee house in Newport Beach, CA Briggs told us “I find it odd that people will give vital information to a non-human computer program that originates from who knows where?  I will tell you this, if you need a bank modification make sure the company you’re dealing with is ready to make it bank ready.  To do this, we don’t need credit card numbers, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, that is between you and the bank.  I get your package ready to deliver to the bank in order for you to secure your loan modification.”

To break it down in the simplest way, Briggs stated “Number one,  make sure you talk to a live person, for example you call me directly I will guide you through the process, no need to click and pray. Number two, it probably makes sense that your loan modification expert is just that, a professional, would you go get eye surgery at someone’s house?  No, usually your professional should have a physical office that is devoted to their specialty with access to the immediate public and equipped to handle business of any size and from anywhere. Finally, there is no need to give personal information like a social security number to someone facilitating the process of getting your loan bank ready to submit to the bank.  It just doesn’t make sense to provide some of the things they ask for?”

IJR suggests anyone debating a loan modification secure the advice of a live person, reserve personal info until submitting to Bank, and do one’s research on the website or company your considering to use.

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Contact Information:
International Journalism Review
Gerald King, International Journalism Review senior journalist
Tel: 805 807 7201
Email us

Used gym equipment is the newest Baby Boomer antic for prolonged existence

Orange County (OC) is famous for many things, one known common element has always been fitness.  As the population of Baby Boomers grow, so does the need for fitness and the equipment needed to assist.

USA Today has recently described it as a race to keep fit, with a spotlight on staying in shape.  Although Orange County is known for some of the best weather in the world, there are those rainy days and even such famous nicknames such as “June gloom,” that keep people inside local gyms and their own homes for that matter.

International Journalism Review (IJR) sought out a mainstay in the fitness supplier end of the OC spectrum and caught up with Mitch Arrington of WCS fitness.  For over 25 years, Mitch Arrington owner and CEO, has been remanufacturing and servicing used gym equipment all around the world but has always called the OC home.  Recently, Arrington admits he has seen an increase in orders from the “older population” seeking professional grade equipment in their offices and homes.

The WCS Fitness founder told us, “Normally this time of year, we are selling whole gyms, Europe has been steadily increasing their purchases for the last few years, however, I have personally noticed many orders coming from individuals setting up home gyms and many setting up office gyms.  Many of these people I would say would be part of the “Baby Boomer” generation, and it’s great to see people acknowledging the importance of fitness as it has been a part of my entire life and always will be.”

IJR noted that according to internet sources, demand is picking up for pre-owned gym equipment because of the cost savings and recent USA Today emphasis on fitness for the Baby Boomers.  It seems that WCS is poised to handle that demand if its history is an indicator.  IJR advises consumers to always use caution when choosing a company to purchase used gym equipment.

IJR found several hundred internet results of places to get and order pre-owned gym equipment, we researched blogs and forums to get a feel of the competition and demand. eBay seemed to be a frequent avenue for the individual consumers on many fronts and Craigslist to some extent. Most of the dealers that have been around for more than ten years are far and few between so IJR would recommend researching the dealer before commitment. This has become an industry much like the automobile industry in that when something is made so well you can count on that investment to hold its value if properly maintained, especially if you back it by a warranty. WCS Fitness was one of very few companies that will actually give a warranty to clients on the equipment they sell.

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Kelly Holt, Fitness Trainer & Journalist
Muscle and Fitness advisor / In Shape Magazine columnist
Review International Journalism / / 347 882 4943

Bank of America rejects Gift Money as down payment for home loan

According to Vince Rinehart, St. Vice President of Firstline Mortgage and an Orange County broker for over two decades, Bank of America rejected a loan because the down payment came in the form of gift money.

(Emailwire 1/3/2011) Rinehart was able to fund the loan using another bank with less restrictions in which Vince regards as portfolio lending.  With borrower demand rising, and while some traditional banks keep a tight threshold on available funds, Rinehart has made more and more use of portfolio lending.

It is no secret that obtaining funding for home loans has been close to impossible the last three years.  However, even in the current state of the economy, a down payment in the form of a gift is usually not frowned upon by banks.  International Journalism Review (IJR) was somewhat shocked at this finding so we found it necessary to seek answers from one of the industry’s veterans, Vince Rinehart.

Rinehart told us, “Many banks are starting to loosen their grip on the constraints we have experience during the last three years or so.  I have been in this business a long time, I have never relied on one bank to assign a client to but rather fit the best bank to my clients needs.  For example, B of A rejected my clients gift money as a down payment even though he is a doctor, has great credit history, and makes a very good salary.  Luckily, not every bank sees things as black and white, and I was able to fund this loan with another bank to satisfy my “very qualified” client’s request for a home loan.”

Rinehart told IJR that people should just do their homework when getting a loan by following a few basic rules.  First, make sure your loan agent has at least five years in the loan business.  By doing this it tells a client the loan officer has been through good times and bad and is still in the same profession, most agents left the industry when the real estate frenzy ended.  Second, don’t assume your real estate agent has the best lender.  Although Rinehart said a referral is great, he told us the realtor has an interest to get the loan closed not necessarily get the client the best loan.

Finally Vince told IJR, “Don’t be afraid to ask your loan officer for options or different types of loans available and more importantly ask them how many banks or lenders they work with?  Some real estate brokerages have an in-house lender they try to introduce every client to, unfortunately even though they often sweeten the deal with incentives the client still loses out on options available if the client were to seek outside lending. Often an outside broker can secure a lower APR or less fees even with the incentives offered by the real estate brokerage.”

IJR recommends that people looking to secure a loan thoroughly research their loan officer, their experience, and their history of closed loans.  This is sometimes the largest financial decision a person or couple makes in their life, make sure to do your homework.

Kenny Thompson

International Journalism Review / Senior Journalist

MMA powerhouse TapOut follows Fight Net Radio lead and cuts MMABAY

TapOut is not officially a sponsor of the MMABAY website other then name use “powered by”, according to and other MMA news sources.  TapOut took the initial steps in removing itself from affiliation by issuing a cease and desist letter to MMABAY’s CEO, Michael Pepper.

(1/16/2011) Dan Severn via ProFightNetwork forum laid down the law in the forum concerning his disbelief on what Michael Pepper publically said to journalist Aaron Tru via then MMABAY Radio’s Podcast which is now back to Fight Net Radio.

International Journalism Review (IJR) did a phenomenal job covering the story when they learned via Sherdog blog that Fight Net Radio (FNR) was dropping the name MMABAY Radio and going back to their original name.  IJR contacted Lee Honish, FNR’s host for over almost 5 years to confirm.

IJR then confirmed the dates of the long time running Fight Net Radio show and the name change as well.  IJR also found on the MMABAY website indications that they are having countdown to launch a new radio show with the same name,  a clear sign of support for Honish’s claim.  IJR then contacted Chris Greenman, FNR’s Co-host for almost 4 years and MMA insider who also confirmed some sad facts about the outlandish remarks by Michael Pepper from MMABAY.

IJR went beyond the scope of a journalist investigation when they listened to the podcast and confirmed Michael Pepper’s comments regarding Aaron Tru and Fighter’s Only magazine along with over 14 hours of tape.  Michael Pepper on the air asked Aaron Tru “If he had to perform oral copulation in order to secure a nomination for Journalist of the year?”   IJR confirmed on many archived podcasts that Fighter’s Only magazine is a true adversary of Michael Pepper which has feuded this frenzy.

I commend Lee Honish and Chris Greenman for taking the higher road in this instance for the sake of integrity in the sport of MMA even if it does hurt its ratings during the transition back.   A classless act by a website owner deemed at targeting a victim of Crones disease.

Today, it brought music to the MMA worlds ears when we learned that a respected company such as TapOut was following the footsteps of Fight Net Radio and dropping MMABAY association and/or affiliation, let’s just hope the MMA community follows the same path.

Victor Johnson

Crones Disease advocate, independent writer

Submitted to support IJR and the cure for Crones Disease

New Century Coal looks at solar storms and flares as a future solution to mankind’s demand for  energy

According to Wikipedia, A solar flare is a large explosion in the Sun’s atmosphere that can release as much as 6 × 1025 joules of energy. Harnessing this energy could solve all energy demands.

(Original release, International Journalism Review (IJR) May 19, 2010)  New Century Coal says, “If Doc did it on Back to the Future so can we.” Although obviously years away from harnessing, it actually seems possible. In fact, Solar flares affect all layers of the solar atmosphere (photosphere, corona, and chromospheres), heating plasma to tens of millions of Kelvin’s and accelerating electrons, protons, and heavier ions to near the speed of light. This type of energy, if one can imagine, is enough energy to feed all the earth’s human demands for many years. Could this be our next source to explore?

Although a massive solar storm could leave millions of people around the world without electricity, running water, or phone service, government officials say, Earth Energy Exploration (EEE) believes we must look beyond our capabilities and challenge ourselves like never before.  See if we can capture that energy much like Michael J. Fox did in the movie “Back to the Future,” when they captured lightening to produce the amount of energy required for them at that time.  Movies of yesterday become reality of tomorrow.

Solar storms happen when an eruption or explosion on the surface of the sun sends radiation or electrically charged particles toward Earth. Minor storms are common and can light up the Earth’s northern skies and interfere with radio signals. To illustrate the magnitude and power of these storms, scientists have observed that every few decades, the sun experiences a particularly large storm. These can release as much energy as one billion hydrogen bombs.

The frequency of incidence of solar flares varies, from several per day when the Sun is particularly “active” to less than one each week when the Sun is “quiet”. Large flares are less frequent than smaller ones. Solar activity varies within an 11-year cycle (the solar cycle). At the peak of the cycle, there are typically more sunspots on the Sun and hence more solar flares.

Solar flares rise and fall on an 11-year cycle, and last year (2009) marked what scientists thought was the solar minimum. But through the beginning of 2009, the sun stayed unusually quiet. However in October of 2009, NASA discovered some Earth Energy firsts.  A major sunspot appeared on the backside of the sun, where it was captured by NASA’s STEREO instrument (

“This is the biggest event we’ve seen in a year or so,” said Michael Kaiser, research scientist with the heliophysics division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. “Does this mean we’re finished with the minimum or not? It’s hard to say. This could be it. It’s got us all excited.”

People have been counting sunspots since Galileo first observed one in the early 17th century. Through the 28 cycles that have been well-documented, stretching from 1745 to today, the average cycle length has been 11 years, but shorter and longer cycles have been observed. The polarity of solar storms also alternates, so technically, a full cycle is 22 years. Either way however, being able to track consistency and its outburst of energy allows mankind to also be able to investigate ways to predict and capture it as well.

Newly uncovered scientific data of recorded history’s most massive space storm is helping a NASA scientist investigate it’s intensity and the probability that what occurred on Earth and in the heavens almost a century-and-a-half ago could happen again, but this time being prepared and possibly capturing its massive energy.

Earth Energy Exploration continues its mission along with International Journalism Review, to educate the masses on oil and gas properties and educating alternative energy in various areas to let investors make sound decisions.  Most recently, EEE has begun to brainstorm in the world of science to look at earth’s energy beyond what we think is possible today.

If you want to know more about the oil and gas industry or energy exploration, we recommend starting on the EEE website but you need a password to their website and it is “success.”  Go to , please check back often as EEE is helping in the funding of a non-profit and informational and educational source for science and the world. (


Kopp, G.; Lawrence, G and Rottman, G. (2005). “The Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM): Science Results”. Solar Physics 230: 129–139. doi:10.1007/s11207-005-7433-9.

“The Mysterious Origins of Solar Flares”, Scientific American, April 2006

Socioecohistory / worldpress /NASA warns of super solar storm 2012

Tamrazyan, Gurgen P. (1968), “Principal Regularities in the Distribution of Major Earthquakes Relative to Solar and Lunar Tides and Other Cosmic Forces”, ICARUS (Elsevier) 9: 574–592.

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“Superflares could kill unprotected astronauts”. Retrieved 17 June 2005. Mewaldt, R.A., et al. 2005. Space weather implications of the 20 January 2005 solar energetic particle event. Joint meeting of the American Geophysical Union and the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society. May 23–27. New Orleans. Abstract.

Written By Chris Greenman, Independent Journalist (IJR) /

CEO and President of Pro Fight Network Corp /


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