Rapper Drake degrades all rappers, claims to be the example for kids

Drake degrades all previous rappers in the world.

Drake is the only rapper ever to positively influence kids.  According to Drake and his own words, this is what he claimed in front of Stevie Wonder’s sold out Nokia Center Christmas charity event prior to Christmas.

That is quite an announcement considering there’s been a lot of influential rappers in the music industry and it is a form of music that will live on forever.

As a parent sitting in the audience watching this immense and historical event with one of the greatest singers of all times Stevie Wonder, IJR News couldn’t help but exhibit some concern as others seemed to join when Drake made this preposterous remark. The person to this writers, right, Kenny Tomlin said this, “Although I’m not going to sit here and say that all rappers have had a great influence on our children, there are indeed rappers that have had a very positive influence on children and many are still practicing that art of music today. If that’s the kind a message he’s going to send out to the kids I don’t think I want him influencing them.”

Stevie wonder not only with his own money paid for additional hour and a half to pay the union workers at the LA Live arena but also performed an outstanding musical performance, and yet again put on a astonishing show.

Even though the loudest part of the audience was obviously there to see that teenage phenomenon Justin Bieber, about 90% of the audience stayed well into the next day to listen to the legend himself, Stevie Wonder

Besides raising money for toys for children, those that couldn’t have a great Christmas without it, Wonder brought in legends such as Michael McDonald who seemed to not even lose a beat at the age of 60.  Numerous other talented entertainers delivered some magnificent performances as well, including New Strings who had the crowd rocking like no other.

So, according to Drake the music industry and especially the rock industry can single-handedly think Drake for setting the example for the children and is already an icon according to well, himself.

MH Jennings

Guest write IJR NEWS


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