Greenman’s UFC 140 Predictions

Chris Greenman’s IFC 140 picks

My UFC and StrikeForce pics for the last 3 years is 425 correct 68 wrong, that is 86% for those of you cant do the math too well

This is a free service I offer anyone that follows my stuff, so if your in Vegas you can buy me dinner or something email me and ask about my Pick of the year

Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida

Jon Jones will single handedly put an end to the Machida hype that took place about a year and half ago, Bones is for real…..

Frank Mir vs Big Nog

Mir happens to be one of my favorite fighters because he is nice and fights people no one would think he could beat and finds way to win.  He also continues to learn the sport unlike many people still around. This fight should resemble their first meeting with Mir the victor.

Tito Ortiz vs Lil Nog

Tito’s win over Bader made me thankful that I had on my depends, lighting does not strike twice for pumpkin head

Claude Patrick vs Brian Ebersole 

Ebersole is developing nicely, his wrestling background will ultimately be the decider here

Mark Hominick vs Chan Sung Jung -Hell lets just flip a coin and go for Hominick, I haven’t been impressed with our Japanese fighters so far in the UFC

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