EmailWire refuses to distribute Gay Rights article released by PRLog discrimination lawsuit considered

EmailWire a self-proclaiming press release distribution company showed its colors recently by refusing an article that was aimed at calling attention to gay rights and highlighting their recent abuse.

IJR News submitted a highly desired article that had been repeatedly asked to be written by a verified diverse group of angry citizens of the gay community and the police community as well. Based on a broad and verified comment influx on one of the many IJR News blogs, the staff felt it necessary to investigate these select incidents.

Editor in Chief, Michael Gingino, is leading the overall investigation into the Laguna Beach Police Craigslist incidents and is gaining much intelligence that is disturbing many, apparently causing even alleged neutral parties to feel uncomfortable.  IJR News has submitted hundreds, if not thousands of approved press releases and articles that have been majorly published by some of the toughest critics and most decorated  journalism experts and distibuters there is.  In addition, last year IJR News won 5 very coveted honors in the international  world of journalism and to date has a 99.9 % acceptance rate among various clients among first drafted releases.

Emailwire repeatedly refused to accept the article on this very controversial story and has since gained the eyes of many people around the U.S and the world because of the significance of the issues pointed out.  The recent Laguna Beach Police Department’s undercover craigslist arrests have been described as not only entrapment, but according to New York city district attorney, reminds him of  “driving while black” profiling about a decade ago. that carried a very negative wrap for years.

Emailwire refused to publish the IJR NEWS exclusive and has since, restrained from any corispondence from the IJR staff.  It should be noted refused the article for insignificant reasons and were observed as unprecedented by the entire IJR Staff according to International Journalism standards.

Victor Harris


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