IJR News unveils its top 13 “Best of Web Industry” After Five Year Study

New Century Coal gets Five Star Consumer Rating


International Journalism Review (IJRnews.com) released its top 13 “Best of web industry” picks according to their  viewers, discussion, overall satisfaction, and worldwide  journalist picks based on 5 years of surveys.  Among the top was Fox News, FaceBook, and Forbes.


(9/3/20011) Libraries, local news, and newspapers are out, and the internet is in. Gone are the days of having limited choices to get one’s information, today there are billions of websites jockeying for pole position. In fact, people can do more from a phone these days, then most full operational offices could do just a decade ago.


Information in today’s world is priceless and so are reputable outlets for consumers.  IJR picked various topics that included everything from best overall entertainment & best overall city to live in, to best consumer watchdog & best U.S. natural resource investments.  As might be expected Fox led the news spot, FaceBook  homed in all the overall web honors, and Kayak beat Priceline in the travel agent battle by 146 votes.


Surprisingly,  IJR gave two awards to what would seemingly be a competitor conflict to Fox news and Emailwire as well.  Editor in Chief of IJR News, Michael Gingino,  told us this, “We have mentioned numerous times, we truly believe Emailwire to be our best distribution source.  The fact that your reading this article is based on our content and their distribution, not the other way around.  Fox news seems to be the only major network out of all the full-size networks that allows, writes,  and broadcasts many contentious views of political stances and is not afraid to go against the grain.  We have a high regard for that, and apparently the American public do as well.”


The Editor in Chief went on to tell us, “We link many of our competitors to our website because they are great at what they do.   We simply have a central place where anyone can have numerous choices where they want to get their news from, and actually participate in discussions on various news topics as well.  You can come to our site and peak at Fox, CBS, ESPN, and take a look at some original content of ours as well.  We started IJR News with one person, we now have a part time staff of over 25 Journalist and internet specialists.  You will see the “Kayak” trend continue.  I believe Google is so good at what they do they lack true focus on specific areas such as Travel, Entertainment, Sports, and so on.  IJR is simply a news reporting and referral specialist  for news.”


IJR has quietly evolved in the last two years as a reporting news website that seems to follow a similar approach to the philosophy of a website such as Kayak but being news focused versus travel focused.  It is a one stop hop which gladly gives you access to other news sources, but delivers its own unique articles as well and allows integration and the consumer demanded social aspect to it as well.



Raymond King

Santa Barbara Independent / Freelance Journalist

World Coal Association Advocate




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