MMABAY’s CEO and his temper might ruin his MMA presence

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MMABAY’s CEO and his temper might ruin his MMA presence


March 28, 2011 — (International Journalism Review (IJR) 3/28/2011) The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was once compared to cockfighting by a Arizona senator, since then the sport has been sanctioned and is now the fastest growing sport in the world. Many people have helped bring MMA to a point where it is respected by most people, in fact you can now find it on ESPN, USA Today, and almost all other media sources.

1 MMABAY's CEO and his temper might ruin his MMA presenceMMABAY’s CEO and his temper might ruin his MMA presenceWelcome Vist Our WebSite:

However, even with all the progress made, there are still people that continue to taint the image of the world’s fastest growing sport, but this time the MMABAY CEO might have gone too far. The saga continues between MMABAY and Fight Net Radio but this time Michael Pepper chimes in on recording of Fight Net Radio and ridicules the official launching of MMABAYNEWS. It can easily be compared to Terrell Owens spiking the football on the Dallas Cowboys mid-field Star after scoring a touchdown for the 49ers years ago.
MMA Bay UK or MMA Bay Area, CA, would the real owner please stand up? When there is bad blood between former partners with each one claiming to be the inventor, one would expect certain repartee, however, the MMABAY CEO brings “bad blood” to a new level. One needs only to listen to the latest broadcast to understand the harshness of the name calling, slander, and defamation directions towards both Chris Greenman and Lee Honish from Fight Net Radio as it is not fit for print.[1]

Michael Pepper, the MMABAY CEO, is no stranger to controversy nor being politically correct, in fact just two months ago he accused Aaron Tru, a respected MMA journalist of performing lewd acts to get a nomination for a MMA award. He also used defamation accusations to attempt to ban ProFightNetwork from its hosting provider. Unfortunately, both of these unimaginable events were recorded and did not help the CEO’s reputation or character. Numerous respected and award winning news websites reported this unfortunate incident, including CBS, The First Reporter and Emailwire.[2]
One must first realize the history before passing judgment. IJR made attempts to talk with all parties involved in order to make sense to this on-going feud between former partners who are all MMA industry icons, in order to sort out the 1000 piece puzzle. We were able to secure statements from Lee Honish and Chris Greenman, and were unsuccessful in our attempt to reach Michael Pepper. IJR confirmed all facts it could which included listening to an archive of Podcasts, printed reports, and other public statements.

Lee Honish recently launched his newest website, MMA Bay Area News ( which according to Honish he has envisioned since working with Greenman approximately four years ago. Greenman helped Honish spotlight the “Bay Area” in Northern California about five years ago and helped bring the broadcast to top rankings and this is where the real history was made. The Bay Area of course was home to StrikeForce, and most of their fighters, who at that time were the only real competition to the UFC (StrikeForce was just bought by the UFC).
Fight Net Radio brought in Greenman as a co-host and MMA insider because of his history and relationship with top MMA fighters. Greenman would do seamless interviews, give fighter insight, and even broadcast from his own MMA gym in Livermore, CA. Honish would often talk about his MMABAYAREA concept on the radio because he believed half of the MMA world was in the Bay Area (This was confirmed in the radio archive provided by Podamatic). Honish suggested MMABAY Radio but was hesitant on giving up the Fight Net Radio name at that time.

According to Honish, he was notified about three years ago by Michael Pepper who advised him he was going to borrow the name MMABAY for a little website in the UK as it seemed fitting with the name. Honish told IJR that he agreed to it because he only really wanted to launch his MMABAYNEWS website and his radio name was established already. This is where the name rights really begin. To further complicate things, some two years later Greenman suggests adding Michael Pepper and MMABAY to their radio show to further their European reach. Depending on who you ask, all three parties claim rights to name MMABAYRADIO, thus adding speed to this car crash.

Greenman and Honish claim Fight Net Radio made MMABAY grow to its current level so the name rights are naturally theirs. Both Honish and Greenman told us that Pepper doesn’t concur with their theory. There could be credibility as when out of the blue, Michael Pepper, chimed in on Skype during the regular recording broadcast of Fight Net Radio. It was no surprise that Honish and Greenman allowed the show to continue recording as history indicates they don’t hold the truth back. In fact Greenman told us this, “We can always count on Pepper digging his own grave, we don’t have to plan anything because he always does something stupid and does it in a fashion where he can’t deny it. It’s almost like he wants to get caught for attention. Attention is great, I am not sure if this is the kind of attention I would want, he must not think highly of our sport?”
However you cut this cake, it seems never to run out of pieces, the MMA world is highly anticipating Pepper’s next move as each historical move seems to gather interest from around the world. From admittedly being drunk during recordings of radio shows to accusing people of sexual acts in order for recognition, the European website owner seems to not know the meaning of tact nor does he feel his acts tarnish his website.

In regards to the new MMABAYNEWS website launch, IJR reported that is unlike most other MMA news sites in that it is funded entirely on its Google ads. In fact the writers aren’t paid unless enough “clicks” are made which CEO Lee Honish claims is the biggest motivator to his journalist. Honish said, “It’s like the best motivator I could think of, write great content and people will come back, all of our Google ads are MMA related so people are bound to click on ads of their liking. I think I might be on to something what do you think?”
Michael Gingino / Editor in Chief /
International Journalism Review /



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UFC now has three weight classes of unbeatable champions

March 22, 2011 — Never since the days of “Iron” Mike Tyson has the world seen a fighter that seems to be on his own planet, and all one can hope for is that MMA fighter Jon Jones doesn’t start biting ears.

Make no bones about it, Jon “Bones” Jones is the real deal and he is so good, UFC Dana White, was even lost for words after the UFC 128 fight. In fact, UFC commentator Joe Rogan seemed to be in disbelief himself. When White finally caught his breath he made quick comparisons of Jon Jones to Brendan Vera and Loyota Machida each seeming invincible just a few years back and now neither one carries that same in sigma.
The difference appears to be huge if one was to compare Jon Jones to either Vera or Machida, the largest difference is pure athleticism. Jones fought the UFC champion of the world and made the former champion look like he started MMA training with Chuck Norris for about 30 days. Now couple that with a takedown defense that is at the same level as BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre. Of course, don’t forget to add in a wingspan of a Boeing 747-800 to Jon Jones bag of tricks and we are not even one Kit Kat shy from a full bag of treats.

Jon Jones is the type of fighter the will lure a significant amount of the leftover boxing fan base and make them become MMA fans for life. Knockouts and standup fighting have been a proving attention grabber for the fans of MMA. Although the sophisticated MMA fan can appreciate the ground game, most want to see knockouts. Jon Jones has proven to be a fan of staying off the ground and knocking fighters out.
Jones is in great position to replace a retired “knockout happy” former UFC champion, Chuck Liddell. In fact, Liddell and Jones have many similar characteristics, which will be exciting for Dana White and the UFC. In fact, they can use their new VP of business development to utilize possibly one of the best fighters the world has ever seen come though cage.

At the age of 23, “Bones” has the UFC belt, the youngest fighter ever to claim such a belt. He has the knockout power of Liddell with equal or better takedown defense. However, he has three times the athleticism as Liddell had, and that fact alone is very scary if you’re planning on challenging the MMA fighter who could play NBA basketball for most Pro teams. The best news about this young phenomenon, he should only get better.
Chris Greenman CEO / President Pro Fight Network Inc.
Independent Journalist


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Arnold Schwarzenegger unleashes his love for Mixed Martial Arts,

suggests boxers are iliterate

March 5, 2011 — The facts about MMA fighters might surprise the average Joe, but according to USA Today and Sherdog, 78% of the UFC champions or former champions are college educated, and StrikeForce fighters as well. Most journalist agree that the majority of the elite level fighters are very articulate as well. The good news is Arnold Schwarzenegger agrees.
Schwarzenegger clearly eluded that MMA fighters are well-rounded and pointed out that they are able to talk intelligent as well, eluding in several opinions to be a direct blow to the sport of boxing.

1 2 3 Arnold Schwarzenegger unleashes his love for Mixed Martial Arts, suggests boxers are iliterateArnold Schwarzenegger unleashes his love for Mixed Martial Arts, suggests boxers are iliterate

In addition, the former governor also was quick to add in the close ties MMA as a sport is very tied into bodybuilding and fitness, calling it “A means to an end.” He also mentioned that it was a healthy combination of sports and show business; a reference not many can argue.
It is safe to say that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts has indeed made a statement through possibly the best resource next to The President of the United States, Barack Obama. ProFightNetwork congratulates every member of every media outlet, fighters, and fans on accomplishing to elevate a sport so quickly beyond an infant stage and set for eternity.
Chris Greenman, Independent Journalist
ProfightNetwork CEO / President





MMA Social Network powerhouse unleashes it’s newest MMA forum

February 17, 2011 — Pro Fight Network Incorporated launched its all new Beta version website about two weeks ago and it is has been surpassing expectations according to the websites CEO, Chris Greenman. In a earlier report, the CEO explained the websites technology is state-of-the-art mixed with the same content ingredients that has made the site a front runner in the mixed martial arts world, being bold and honest.

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